We’re Six!

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 09/04/12 •  3 min read


Hard to believe, but it’s the sixth anniversary of TheSkiDiva.com.

Heck, in internet years, that’s more like 60. Maybe even 600. After all, the shelf life of web sites is shorter than fresh fish. A few days, just about, and most are abandoned or forgotten. So it’s pretty amazing that we’ve not only stuck around, but that we’ve continued to grow and thrive.

For me, it’s been a great six years. I can still remember when I came up with the idea for the site.  I was on line for the gondola at Steamboat when I looked behind me………. and all I could see was men.  ‘This is ridiculous,’ I thought.  ‘I can’t be the only woman around who likes to ski.’ But at the time it seemed that way. None of my friends skied. And none of the online ski communities or ski magazines really paid that much attention to women, either. We were marginalized, treated as an interesting side-line. Just an afterthought on the slopes. If you were a female skier, you couldn’t be very serious or very good. You were probably just out looking for a guy. Or maybe you just wanted to wear the latest ski fashions, take two runs, and sit in the lodge.

So I created TheSkiDiva.com for a couple reasons. Selfishly, I just wanted to find some ski friends. But I also wanted to give women a place where they could connect and talk about everything and anything ski related. And though the site’s been through some changes — we introduced a new look and new forum software this year — I’ve held firm in keeping it for women only.  Yeah,  I’ve taken some flak for this, but I’ve never regretted my decision. It’s nice to have a little corner of the ski world that’s testoserone-free. When you want to know about women’s gear, someone knowledgeable actually answers. And no one puts you down or makes a snide remark when you proudly proclaim, “Yes, I AM a jacket slut.” (If you think this sounds weird, go here and you’ll find 72 pages worth of Diva jacket love.)

So to all 3,300 registered members of TheSkiDiva.com, and to all those who just like to lurk or visit from time to time, I say thanks. Thanks for being supportive, for being patient with our glitches and growing pains, and for making the site an absolute joy.

Happy Six!


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