These boots are made for skiing!

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/15/07 •  2 min read

And that’s just what they’ll do!

Excuse the reference to an awful pop song, but I’m pretty excited here.

I just got a new pair of ski boots. My old pair — Lange Banshees — was five years old and pretty packed down. My heel was lifting up and my foot was slopping all around the inside. Plus I was getting awful shin pain, also known as “shin bang.” Which was highly unpleasant.

So yesterday, after a morning skiing on slushy snow, I decided to go look for boots. Not buy, just look. But with the year end sales, the temptation was too great.

I hit two ski shops — both with excellent reps for bootfitting: Basin Ski Shop in Killington, VT, and Northern Ski Works, also in Killington and Ludlow. I went to the first to try Heads and Salomons, and to the second to try Technicas and Dalbellos.

So what did I end up with? Nordica Speed Machines. Just goes to show: you have to have an open mind.

Why the Nordicas? They seemed to do it for me in all the right places. Of course, it’s hard to tell for sure til I ski on them, but I’m hoping they’ll ski good, too.

Can’t wait to give them a try. I’m hoping to get out on them today. Here’s hoping for a snowy, snowy weekend!


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