The Pony Tail Problem.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 11/01/11 •  2 min read

Except for a few unfortunate years in my twenties, I’ve always had long hair. I think it suits me better, though who knows, I may be wrong.

The good thing about long hair is that if you’re having a bad hair day, you can always pull it back. Likewise if you’re skiing or working out. Your hair stays out of the way, and it’s not too terrible looking.

Except when you wear a hat.

Yes, pony tails present unique hat challenges. They bunch up in the back so you get this lump that just looks, well, odd. And your hair gets squished down so you have this little duck tail poking out the back. All in all, not a good look.

I illustrate:

So what’s a pony tail wearer to do? Here’s one solution — a hat with a pony tail slit.

This hat is from Fit to Flick. In full disclosure, Fit to Flick sent me this hat to review. Another full disclosure: that’s not me below. It’s from their website, but she looks a whole lot better wearing the hat than I do:


So here’s my review: The hat is well made, with a hand made rather than machine-made quality. I like that. And it does take care of the pony tail problem quite nicely. One caveat: This particular hat is not the warmest hat I own. Then again, I live in Vermont where it gets incredibly cold. If I could walk around with my cat on my head (I doubt she’d let me, and that would really look odd), I probably would. But for regular street wear — and for people who don’t suffer from the cold the way I do — this hat’ll do just fine

Fit To Flick is a new company founded by Hannah Bomze. Inspired by her own pony tail problems during a ski holiday in Italy, Hannah set about to come up with a line of stylish hats that could accommodate pony tails. Fit To Flick has 6 winter styles to choose from in 2 color variations: 4 for women and 2 for girls. Each is hand knit out of alpaca and cotton.

I guess I could get my hair cut, but that has its own set of hat challenges, like flat hair when you take off your hat. But maybe there’s a better idea………..


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