The non-skiing partner.

The non-skiing partner.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 06/09/07 •  1 min read

What do you do if you have a passion for skiing — and it isn’t shared by the one you have a passion for?

That’s a tough one.

For me, it meant years of not skiing, until my sweetie decided to give it a try. Now he’s as hooked (well, almost as hooked) as I am.

But I think it’d be difficult to balance a relationship between someone who skis and someone who doesn’t. I know some women who do. Their husbands don’t ski, so they just go out and do it themselves. Hey, a lot of men do that without their wives, so why not?

Trouble is, most women feel guilty about doing things that are only for them. In the interest of being the perfect wife or mother, they seem to discard the things that bring them joy — like skiing. Call it socal conditioning, call it responsible thinking, it’s hard to shake.

Finding a supportive group of like-minded women certainly helps (shameless plug for, the internet discussion forum for women skiers). So give us a try.

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