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From The Ski Diva Forum

First, I have good boots. That fit. That I bought from a boot fitter last season based in good advice from the ski divas. I am skiing on skis that… [...]

Not sure if this has come up in the past, but I'm wildly curious what other divas consider their "bone-numbing" point. Just finished up 3 of the last 4 days… [...]

I love seeing others' ski photos. Post them here! I'll start. Yesterday at Crystal, my first ski day. Great coverage, very nice snow. Busier than I expected--almost like a regular… [...]

I subscribe to the Storm Skiing Journal because of its excellent, thorough articles, and they just released pretty long one about Vail, how it got to where it is today,… [...]

As 2017 approaches, I'm looking forward to my first season over 60. Not quite old enough for senior discounts on lift tickets yet because those usually require being 62+ or… [...]

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