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How to be Fearless.

If you’re like me, you have mixed feelings about fear. On the one hand, fear is a kind of self-preservative. It can keep you from doing something stupid, like jumping off a cliff or driving way too fast or dropping into Corbet’s Couloir when you’re not that great of a skier.

On the other hand, fear can also be a prison. It can keep you from things that could be fun or even life altering. Like skiing that extra steep slope or leaving that spirit-crushing job or dumping that boyfriend who’s no good for you, anyway.

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Frozen In Place.

I’ve never made any claim about being a super skier. Au contraire. I’m simply someone who loves to ski. A lot. So here I am at Solitude Mountain Resort. And some of the people I’m with encouraged me to do...

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From The Ski Diva Forum

I just received an email from Burt Skall, Director of Snowsports for Taos, regarding the Women' [...]

I thought this was interesting. (Besides, it might help you plan where to go on your next ski trip.) [...]

My 9 year old is an intermediate skier. She learned when she was 6 (4 seasons), and we average maybe [...]

It's been a few years since I had tomatillos growing and a decent winter for both surf and snow [...]

Icing my ankle. . . Probably just a sprain, but end of the fun this trip for me! DH will still have [...]

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