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One thing that was clear after my first trip to Taos Ski Valley (TSV) last season, a Taos Ski Week is addictive. My crew started planning for a return last… [...]

All the talk about Diva East and West has me scouring trail maps. I'm intrigued by the differences between the mountains in the east and west. How do trails compare?… [...]

Anyone out there like to play in dirt? I have some asparagus that volunteered from a neighbor's vegetable garden. I transplanted it in the fall to more desirable location and… [...]

I love talking gear so tell me about your quiver! And better yet, are you buying any new skis this season?? Which ones?? I do almost 50-50 between resort and… [...]

A few years ago there was a thread about ski width and knees. Deb Armstrong did a few videos in 2020 after the paper that involved Heidi Nunnikhoven came out… [...]

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