Heading to Schweitzer.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 01/24/10 •  3 min read

I’m pretty excited. Tomorrow I’m traveling to Schweitzer for a few days of skiing.

“Schweitzer?” I hear you say. “Where’s that?”

Schweitzer’s in Northern Idaho, and though it’s not as well known or as big as say, Vail or Whistler, it has plenty to offer. Schweitzer has 2,900 skiable acres (in comparison, my home mountain, Okemo in Vermont, has 632), a vertical drop of  2,400 feet, and an average annual snowfall of 300 inches. And though it hasn’t had the recent big dumps of Tahoe or Jackson Hole, I have good friends who live there, so I’ll still have a good time.

Hey, it isn’t always only about the skiing. (Did I just say that?)

Getting there won’t be easy. First we have to drive 3 hours to the airport in Boston, then fly from Boston to Spokane via Denver, and then drive another couple hours once we land. Tomorrow looks like a long day.

But today is for getting ready. Which means I have to figure out A) which skis to bring, B) which clothes to pack, and C) how to stow it all.

One thing is easy: I always carry my boots on board. I mean, I could always rent skis if they don’t arrive, but boots? I don’t think so. I’ll stow a day’s worth of ski clothes with my boots, as well, so I’ll be sure to have something to ski in, no matter what. And I’ll put all this in my Transpack, a backpack boot carrier, which is pretty easy to handle and fits easily in the plane’s overhead compartment.

Next, skis. I’m still in a quandary about which ones to bring. A trip out west usually requires bringing wider skis, like my Volkl Auras (94 waist). On the other hand, Schweitzer hasn’t had a lot of new snow and it doesn’t look like there’s much in the forecast. So I’m thinking of bringing my Volkl Tierras, instead (78 waist).

No matter which skis I choose, they’ll be packed in my Sportube, a hardshell ski bag that provides a good measure of protection. Plus it has wheels, which makes it easy to roll through the airport.

Now on to everything else. Two pair baselayers (yes, I’ll do laundry when I’m out there), two fleeces, a pair of goggles, my helmet, Hotronics boot warmers (my feet are always cold), my camera, two apres ski outfits, two fleeces, and assorted socks, toiletries, hairdryer, etc. All this goes in a suitcase I’ll check with Southwest. And hope for the best.

Of course, I have to bring my computer. That comes onboard with me. No, I can’t go unplugged.

Here’s something interesting. Look at all the electronic crap, er, I mean wiring I have to bring along. Sheesh! Kind of makes you long for an earlier time, doesn’t it?

So enough thinking about packing. It’s time to do it.

Catch you later.

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