Four days, three ski areas.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/20/07 •  2 min read

I’ve just returned from a bit of a skiing safari, and like the Beach Boys say in the old song (the one about the T-bird), I had “fun, fun, fun!”

I started out on Friday at Burke Mountain, a small(ish) resort in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Burke is known as a place to experience traditional New England skiing, and it doesn’t disappoint. Lots of trails that follow old logging roads as well as the contour of the mountain. And on the day I was there, my friend and I owned the place. It was completely empty. Unfortunately, the conditions could’ve been better.

On to Jay Peak, waaaay northern Vermont by the Canadian border. That’s when the snow got serious. It started coming down Friday night, and didn’t stop til the end of day Sunday. The result: 40 inches of freshies. On both Saturday & Sunday I demoed fat skis in some of the best conditions I’ve encountered anywhere! Jay is an awesome mountain with terrific glade skiing. And to make it even better, I had the chance to share it with some of the fabulous women from A terrific experience.

Then yesterday, it was Sugarbush in the lovely Mad River Valley, Vermont, truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. They’d received a ton of fresh snow as well (about 36 inches). The sky was blue, the sun was out, and the conditions were great. We hit the trees, did the bumps, and had a terrific time.

Four days, three ski areas, stellar conditions, and great company. Life is good!


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