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Help Needed: What can we do?


Angel Diva
If you are crafty there is a huge push to make cloth surgical masks. **these are not a substitute for n95** mask, but according to CDC they do provide a little bit of protection. They can be used as a "single use/sterilizable" mask to wear OVER a n95

Facebook group Relief Crafters of America

Article https://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccu...lve-2020-n95-type-mask-shortage/#1ea479e4e41d




Providence in Renton will be providing kits

https://www.courierpress.com/story/...public-provide-medical-face-masks/2865273001/ (pattern embedded into story)


Angel Diva
I just wrote to my Senators about the crisis in rural hospitals:

Dear Senator Leahy,

I'm writing about the (longstanding) crisis in rural health - the fragility of our rural hospitals. Gearing up for this pandemic, they are paying outrageous prices for personal protective equipment, cancelling profitable treatments, tests, and surgeries, and facing losses of staff to illness.

Many of these hospitals are already on the brink financially. Please be sure that the pandemic bailout bill includes these essential institutions!

VPR covered this issue:


Many thanks for all you do for us!

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Angel Diva
The CDC has come up with a 1-page info sheet. Please share.

Note that there are plenty of detected cases where the mild symptoms were more like cold symptoms than flu. But clearly if someone has a noticeable fever and shortness of breath, they should contact a health professional by phone.



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