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What are your favorite blue cruisers?

ski diva

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Who doesn't love a good blue cruiser? What's your favorite? Where is it, and why do you love it so? What makes it special? (This may be for an upcoming blog post)
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Angel Diva
That's an easy question . . . my favorite blue cruiser is Rock N' Roll at Alta off the Supreme lift. Relatively wide so easy to carve medium turns but not too wide, with some easy curves, changing pitch, and a headwall towards the end that makes you think a bit before the final turn.

While Rock N' Roll is fun any time, the best run I ever had on it was with Naomi (age 91) a few years ago. We had both gone out early from Alta Lodge even though we knew the groomers would be frozen after warm temps the day before. We also knew that Rock N' Roll had been closed after a snowstorm for a day while things settled on East Castle and Castle Apron. We timed it exactly right. The reward was first tracks in four inches of Utah powder on top of a groomed surface. Perfect!


Angel Diva
At Okemo - “Tuckered Out” - a long run with great views and lots of variety of blue terrain.
At Stratton - “Gentle Ben” - on the Sunbowl side, a winding trail through the woods, out of the wind and often empty.
At Belleayer - “Roaring Brook” to ththe connectors that go all ththe way to the Gondola at the lower base. The top give beautiful views of the Catskills, and the lower connectors wind through the woods. A beautiful long ride!
At Stowe - “Toll Road to Sunrise to Standard to Gulch” - the view at the top, the lovely winding through the forest, the rollers.... so fun!

I seem to have a theme going ... views, forest, winding paths...


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Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows – Shirley Lake Express and Solitude Lifts
Marillac's (aka 5th Tree Run)

I love this run because it's wide, has a couple of pitch changes, and is always groomed to absolute perfection. The snow on this side of Squaw is usually in great condition so you can rip it with confidence. However, it's always a good idea to ski it once with caution because you never know when a crop of intermediate moguls might pop up at the bottom on the steepest section, so be warned ;)

Plus, it was named after a WWII French Resistance hero! What's not to love?!
https://unofficialnetworks.com/2011/06/08/jo-marillac-badass-man-live-squaw-valley-ca/ Marillacs.png
Taos: Powderhorn - It is a long, wide and sun-drenched trail with good pitches.
Sunshine Village: Blue Belle - A wide tree lined trail, I can feel the lushness of trees while on it.


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I also love:

Diamond Peak Resort (Incline Village, NV)
Crystal Ridge
From the top to the bottom of this run, you have breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. It looks like you are going to ski right into the Lake, and that is a beautiful thing. The run is nice... wide and well-groomed with a descent pitch to carve some turns in between photo ops with the lake. DP is a tiny little resort with a big heart and the million dollar view is well worth the side trip.

I love this lake!


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Half the time I have no idea what run I'm skiing, but yesterday I found myself on a run called Thor at Brighton. I was a quiet, winding blue run heavily lined with trees on either side, and I had the whole thing to myself. No snowboards in sight, it was magical!


Angel Diva
June Mountain, about 30 min north of Mammoth in the Eastern Sierra, has a blue groomed run called Sunrise. I love it because of the view and how open it is. I can take it slowly or zoom down, feeling like I'm flying.


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At Stowe - “Toll Road to Sunrise to Standard to Gulch” - the view at the top, the lovely winding through the forest, the rollers.... so fun!

I seem to have a theme going ... views, forest, winding paths...
I could literally ride Toll Road all day and the different variations haha Did they re-categorize the top part as a blue recently? I haven't been in a couple of years and was surprised to see it was a blue on the trail map.


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Does it have to be blue? I love groomed blacks best.
Park City - Prospector
Mammoth - Roller coaster
Sun Valley - Limelight
Heavenly - Olympic Downhill
Stowe - Perry Merrill
Jay Peak - Jet
Whiteface - Mountain Run and Parrons Run
Sugarbush - Organgrinder

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