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Volkl review


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I tried a few volkl while spring skiing at palisade alpine meadows and mammoth last week

blaze 82 in 156 length were zippy and I had fun until the heavy spring snow started beating me up

blaze 86 in 156 were not as zippy, but I felt more stability, and could cut by though the crud better, but the blaze line just seemed a bit to light for me

I ended up purchasing the kenja 88 in 163. It was grippy in the refrozen hard pack ( or early morning shaded areas on the groomers, I felt nimble in the bumps, and was able to feel comfortable at speed (40 mph according to my ikon stats), and not getting banged around in the heavier spring slush. I kept the demo bindings(squire), because I actually prefer the negative delta feel ( I learned a lot about delta this year).

this ski will be a wonderful compliment to my black crows camox birdie that I finally bought during covid and was able to ski last year. They have the warden 11 binding with a positive 5 delta.

im an advanced, cautious skier 53 years old 5’1” and unfortunately 130 lbs. (menopause has been harsh on me!!) ski Taos every year doing a private ski week with two other advanced girls
Atomic hawk ultra 110 boot with stock liner, but foot beds from christy sports at Taos, and a 1 degree cant.

Picture of still skiing on top of trees in mid May!!+ a marmot!!


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You look pleased with your new skis! Hope you have been able to enjoy them a bit more.

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