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Utah 2018-19: travel planning, snow conditions, deals

I am praying to whatever goddess who keeps snow from melting.
There will be plenty of snow next week. I've had fun during late season at Alta even on low snow years. It's a matter of knowing where to go. This season the coverage is so deep there are places that are usually avoided because of rocks that are quite skiable. The predicted highs for the next ten days are in the 30s. :smile:
Evan of OpenSnow titled his report for April 11 "Powder Day #2." I've been lucky enough to ski powder this deep at Alta before in April, but the difference this week is that the temps are not supposed to warm up into the 40s for several days at least. :becky:

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 6.35.38 AM.png
Do you think my BP88 will cut it or should I just rent skis out there?
I skied my original Black Pearls (2011) in up to 10 inches of powder without any issue for several years. Not going to be deep fresh powder next week in any case. Don't see any reason not to bring your BP88.
Storm total so far is 39 inches! Easy to find places for first tracks this morning on the Collins side. There was a burst of heavy snow around 3:30 before it seemed to clear up by dinner time. Only a few inches expected tonight and during the day on Friday.

The question now is when Ballroom and Devil's Castle will open. Catherine's was open today but there was poor visibility for most of the day. The Backside opened in the afternoon, also with poor visibility . Not really that many locals bothered to show up. I think those that did mostly skied Wildcat and didn't wait around for the Backside to open.
Ballroom opened around 10:45. I heard Devil's Castle opened around 11:30. Didn't particularly get completely tracked out. Perhaps because of the fog that rolled in or perhaps when the sun was out and it warmed up, the snow got heavy too quickly.

Ended up with 6 more inches added to the storm total.
The next storm cycle is starting up later today. Already 30 degrees at mid-mountain as of 8am so this week will be good spring skiing, with fresh snow but probably not as much fluffy powder.

Alta forecast from OpenSnow
Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 8.56.19 AM.png
April 14 was the last day for Solitude.

Alta is staying open for 7-day operations until April 21. Undoubtedly the date was agreed to last fall because Easter Sunday is April 21. Has nothing to do with the depth of the snowpack. Some people who haven't skied Alta since the old Supreme triple was removed still think Supreme will close on April 14, a week before.

Snowbird will stay open for a while, but they typically start shutting down lifts weeks before the closing date.

From Alta news:
Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.04.48 PM.png

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