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Tis the season (for thanksgiving leftovers)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
What is your favorite way to enjoy all that delicious leftover turkey?

My family tradition is Turkey Croquettes (don't forget the minced celery which isnt included in the recipe, and we don't eat them with the white sauce on top).

And I have to admit the fancied-up turkey ramen I am eating right now isn't so shabby (storebought chicken ramen + leftover turkey + curry powder + sesame oil + peanut butter, add whatever veggies you have on hand- snap peas are particularly tasty)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
As soon as they are done putting my winter tires on and changing the oil in my car I’ll be starting the stock for a big ol pot of turkey noodle soup.


Staff member
Turkey soup or some type of casserole if I have that much leftover. I worked in a factory for years. The guys would bring in turkey sandwiches following Thanksgiving. Bread, turkey, mayo or mustard and of course left over dressing. We never had left over dressing/stuffing in our house.


Angel Diva
Cold turkey sandwiches all the way. We usually try to eat early enough in the day to have one on Thanksgiving night.


Angel Diva
My mom always made turkey tetrazzini, with noodles and cream of mushroom soup. Not how I cook, but i do remember loving it.

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