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Snowboarder jokes---moderators, is this OK?


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I defer to you, @Obrules15 on viola jokes. I've never heard one. I listen to a lot of orchestral music and find the viola to have a richer, deeper, and more pleasing sound than the violin; I'm sad to hear it gets disparaged.
Regarding violists, @Obrules15 is spot-on... violists are in demand whereas violinists are a dime a dozen.
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For what it's worth, I googled "skier jokes" in an attempt to bring some balance to this thread and at least half of them were the exact same jokes as the snowboarder jokes, but with skiers substituted. :smile:

... What I find is that people who want to tell retard jokes or black people jokes or whatever, feel safe in telling Viola jokes. So ultimately it becomes about the mindset of the joke tellers. There is still an ugliness to it that feels like people feeding off denigrating others to make themselves feel better ...
This is really making me think. Haven't really come to any conclusions yet, but thanks for the perspective.
Well, I thought I would add a little levity by posting some telemark jokes, because there are plenty. So I Googled it, and the first result was from Splitboard.com. :laughter:My SO is a member, and he LOVES to rag on telemarkers. I don't mind because I feel morally superior, because I can tele, and he can't (very well). I kid, I kid.

So, here is a selection:

How many tele skiers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Three, one to screw in the lightbulb, and two to say “Nice turns!”

How many tele-skiers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Two. One to hold the bulb and one to smoke enough pot to make the room spin.

What’s the literal translation of the Norwegian word “telemark?”
Hey guys, wait up!

How do you know if there’s a tele-skier at your party?
They’ll tell you.

What’s the difference between a tele-skier and The Lord?
The Lord doesn’t think he’s a tele-skier.

How do you find a tele skier in white out conditions?
The smell.

Randonee-French for “Can’t Tele.”

What were the tele skier’s last words?
I think I’ll try splitboarding…

What did the tele guy say when he ran out of weed?
Man these bindings suck.

What is really funny is that one of the posters said: "I never thought I’d see the day when another group takes the stereotypical marijuana jokes away from us snowboarders. :("


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Of course the intent of the jokes is just to have fun and laugh a little.
There is no intentional malice towards snowboarders in those jokes. Right?
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One of my favourite sons-in-law is a boarder. No malice at all! (Though gotta admit I don't have many warm and fuzzy feelings for the ones - I can recall five at least and at least one causing fairly serious injury - who have run into me over the years.)


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DH is a boarder, and we rib each other all the time in good fun. Like, one time he just...fell over....for no reason....in a lift line, and took down the ropes with him. Fell on some dude's skis. I looked at the guy and said "Boarders, am I right?" We all had a laugh, and he helped my husband up.

DH likewise makes fun of me when I wipe out on ice in my boots, leave a pole in a pole p;ant because I forgot to put the strap on, etc., saying "Hashtag - skier problems."

Our love language is giving each other crap lol.
I find the whole dirtbag snowboarder stereotype --- and yes I heard/told these jokes first time around in the 90's - to be terribly dated and "old". Not current.


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I’m married to a boarder who is the antithesis of the stereotype.

With regard to jokes - mostly, I make jokes about myself. Self-effacing humor can be an effective way to diffuse tension.


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Of course the intent of the jokes is just to have fun and laugh a little.
There is no intentional malice towards snowboarders in those jokes. Right?
Not from me---a mother of 3 boarders and myself a life-long skier at Brighton. And BTW: as the equipment becomes more hybrid (fat skis, split boards) such stereotypes become a bit outdated. That said, there is some 'bro' culture that was unique to boarders that is hard to forget (I raised a couple of them in the day).

Don't get me started on ski bikes (my son included).

And then----there's always snowmobilers. Plenty of material there.


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I have been in SoCal since 1978. I have skied with boarders most of my life. It is a rare day when I am with all skiers.

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