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Ski Wall Mount Rack


Diva in Training
Good morning! How do you guys store your skis during off season?? As a background my husband and I are triathletes, and our living/dining room is pretty much a gym/mess with 5 bikes, trainers, 4 pairs of skis, equipment.... Last year we kept 2 of the skis in the sport tube and another pair leaned against the wall. This year I got the Marie Kondo histeria (thankfully) and need to hang the skis on the wall asap! Do you recommend wall mounted racks? and if so which one?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I treat mine to a storage wax, let them air out for a week to make sure they're good and dry, and then I bag them or tube them and store them flat on the floor under the guest bed or behind the sofa, where they won't be exposed to weird temperature fluctuations.

In the winter, I store them on my 3-season porch, and use one of those wooden coat racks with extra-long pegs to keep them upright and separated.


Diva in Training
Thanks! We do do the wax. But it might be complicated to put them under the bed.... not a bad idea, I just need to figure out how to get them there (the bottom part of the bed is like a hollow box so there is room but we'll need to pick up the whole thing)


Staff member
You can put elastics to hold the brakes so that everything is flat. I can slide my in from the end of the bed.

There are wall hanging racks. Maybe @volklgirl can show you pics of her set up. It would be easy and might not look out of place with the rest of your gear.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Adjustable brackets and L shelf supports from the hardware store in my garage. We hot glued some sticky rubber/felt from a floor mat to the brackets and it makes a nifty little platform to set the skis on plus we can adjust it to add more or less depending on how many pairs of skis we have. I'll post a picture later, but its super easy to do if you have a bit of wall space.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I should note also that in the off season we typically store them bases down and not locked in pairs but during ski season we are using them super frequently so constantly grabbing them and putting them in our roof box so thats why they're paired in this pic. Also our tuning bench is below.


Certified Ski Diva
We use a “store your board” freestanding rack. I keep it near the cars in the garage in winter, but I move it into our finished basement for spring/summer/early fall to avoid temperature extremes. https://www.storeyourboard.com/ski-...MIlIjHz6ih4QIVELbICh2yjADsEAQYAiABEgLtEvD_BwE

In our old house, I stored skis under the bed where the temperature is consistent and they could be stored flat. Now we use that space for kid-related storage, unfortunately.


Staff member
I use this really basic rack and like it because I have very limited space and can hang my ski jacket, pants, and backpack up off the floor. I put the rack high enough so that I can keep a lidded wicker storage box underneath it to hold all my other ski gear. In the summer I just switch the box to MTB gear and put the ski stuff in a Rubbermaid container in the attic. The skis stay on the rack. Mountain bikes are on wall racks, too, right next to the skis. I only have 600 sq ft so all that gear is in the bedroom, but since it's on the wall it's sort of decorative and most importantly out of the way.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
We just use bike (for the carvers) or ladder (for the powder pigs) hooks mounted in pairs so the skis hang horizontally.
In addition to a coat of summer wax, Mr. Blizzard also lowers the DIN on all the skis, with a note, if needed, to remind the owner it needs to be reset next winter. It’s probably overkill, knowing him, but I thought I’d put it out there.

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