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Searchmont not opening . . .


Angel Diva
posted on their FB page

After extensive consideration, Searchmont Resort has made the decision to not begin our regular snowmaking process this season due to the significant cost and so many variables surrounding the Coronavirus.

If we receive enough natural snow to open, we will review the condition of the hill at that time; please keep in mind that our terrain is part of the Canadian Shield and requires significant snowfall for proper coverage for safety reasons. Our historical data indicates that this would likely not occur until into January but will update everyone as the season progresses.

Any plans in regards to potentially opening will be based on the Covid-19 situation at that time and what restrictions are currently in place. Please note however that our accommodation rentals will not be available this season due to renovations and season passes are not being sold at this time.

We thank you for your continued support and would like everyone to know that we hope to be able to support the local community by providing a fun outdoor activity this winter, the outcome of which now depends on the pandemic situation and what Mother Nature decides to provide us with this season – think snow!

One of my favorite views at the end of the day . . .


Angel Diva
True, but they spent so long on the edge of even being able to exist that my knee jerk reaction is "oh no, they’re never going to open again!"

They've been spending money, too. Added on a big new part to the lodge. Replaced a lift, added a new run/lift in the beginner area and now lodging renovations. I guess going ahead with those means they hope to continue operating, so there’s that.


Staff member
They probably realize that a good percentage of their customers will not be able to get there. And the safety precautions necessary will decrease the attendance of locals. With no where to warm up at -20 C...who wants to ski.


Angel Diva
@Jilly - We've been wondering how they'd manage without us being able to come. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

@ski diva - It is, isn't it? I got to wondering if I should have title the thread differently - maybe Small Ski Areas Not Opening This Season - because there's bound to be others.

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