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Pro Fitter Ski Trainer?


Angel Diva
Anyone try the pro fitter ski trainer from fitter first im looking to buy one but would like feedback
Welcome! What level of ski conditioning are you interested in? Have you looked in the Health, Fitness threads yet? We've talked about assorted training aids over the past decade.

From what I saw on the introductory video for the Pro Fitter, it wouldn't find it's way into my house even for half the price. I like to keep things simple when it comes to training aids. The Pro Fitter requires replacing the cords about once a year. I would also want to be able to check one out in person before putting down money. I did that before spending only about $100 for a used Skiers Edge (very old model, single owner) after knee rehab back in 2012. Well, actually I made by then tween daughter check it out because I wasn't ready for that level of exercise quite yet.

That said, Fitter First clearly knows what they are doing. The other balance related training aids on the website cover a wide range of abilities and interests, from PT to advanced levels for elite athletes.

The training aids that have made it into my blog for Over 50 skiers are the TRX, BOSU, and stability ball. I still have the Skiers Edge but don't really use it that often. Mostly just in the month or two right before ski season starts. There are a lot more ways I like to get in cardio or working on leg strength. My focus tends to be more on balance, flexibility, and core strength on a year round basis not just for ski conditioning but general health as a woman over 60.


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I remember trying this at a ski show, years ago. The thing I found was I had a tendency to push to get the machine over. This is not something you want to do in skiing.

Best simulator is the rolling carpets or indoor slopes.

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