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Need some advice for my boys


Angel Diva
My oldest son broke one of his skis just before covid hit last season. We talked a bit about new skis on and off throughout the year, and I bought him Brahma (88), 180 cm as a surprise Christmas gift. Of course, the day after I ordered them, he says he wants powder skis. I can return the skis, but dang, I can't imagine what shipping will be (PA to VT).

The plot thickens, because I just realized his younger brother has SHOT up since I bought him his skis, and he needs new ones. He's 6'2 and about 235, though, and I'm actually kind of worried that may even be a bit short for him (he's coming from a 171 cm ski). What do the divas think?


Staff member
First son...the Brahma's. You buy skis for where you usually ski....not much powder in PA!! Those are good all mountain skis.

Second son...whatca feeding him?? All joking aside...171 unless it's 4" wide is not going to be good.

Worst thing...give the 180 to younger and get the powder skis, which will not get used unless you're skiing powder all the time.

BtB - I fell in love with the Brahma 82's last year at Lake Louise. Great all mountain ski.


Angel Diva
I think first son will see the error of his ways before long. He can take the 171's as his "beater" ski for the east (they're the same kind that he used to have...and broke...). He has spent time in the west, and may just end up there after college.

I was mainly worried that the 180's would be too short for the younger one (who eats crap btw, NO idea where he got those large genes!).


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
FWIW 88 underfoot can still be a good/servicable powder ski. I am short (5'0) and fat and my skis are 160cm. My favorite skis so far in all conditions are my Head IM 88. I have taken them from the NASTAR course to pretty deep powder days and they are totally fine.

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