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Moment Bella Review


Certified Ski Diva
Hi Ladies!

I demo'd the moment Bella 23/24 this weekend and wanted to share some thoughts. I had a hard time finding a review for this ski, the non touring version.

Where: Kirkwood & Heavenly, Chair 6 (mostly single blacks), All the trees at Heavenly, some groomers in between trees, Firebreak gate (gated legal out of bounds probably would be single black terrain if it was inbounds), again mostly single blacks, but much less steep than Kirkwood
Conditions: Powder! Pretty light powder, 12+ inches at Kirkwood, 7+ at Heavenly
Me as a Skier: 5'6-5'7 195, Advanced but powder technique is a work in progress
What i skied: Moment Bella in a 172cm and 108 under foot

Ok so the Bella is a beast. I don't usually ski anything this long, i tend to go a little shorter for better maneuverability. I learned to ski ia few years ago, so i dont have a racer background with perfect technique. I find slightly shorter works better for me. Unfortunately the bella goes from 162cm to 172cm and nothing in between. I noticed a lot of Moment's skis jump like that in sizing. Back to the ski test! It's fairly light but stiff, twin tip, it has their "mustache rocker", so this one is not like the deathwish with the triple camber. I believe this ski is similar if not just the women's version of the Wildcat 108. I'm not going to lie i struggled with it at Kirkwood on the deeper day. I tend to get cautious in deeper steeper powder so i was going too slow to really get this thing up on top of the powder and turning with ease. It wants to be pointed downhill. I only skied it half a day before i put it away and grabbed my QSTs. The tails felt very long and grabby to me. I know i struggled because of my technique and caution. Day 2 at Heavenly with 7+ inches of nice dry powder. I could not leave the jellyfish untamed just sitting my car all weekend, so i went back for them. I had a much better day but still found them to be quite chargy. They float great on untouched powder, surfy and slashy, they actually turn pretty easily and fluid, but i feel like you could also ski them very directionally. They move through trees with ease, when the powder got chopped up and trackced they just floated right through it like it wasnt even chopped up, was pretty amazing honestly. They want to go so you really have to be able to stay on them and don't get in the backseat. If you get in the backseat they will take you for a ride. On the groomers, which were pretty soft and had some fresh snow, they were so stable and plush. They felt like they had great suspension as i bounced over chop. I actually had great confidence on these on groomers where i could really get in the front of the ski and push, i got them on edge, they felt quick and poppy, i made short turns, wiggles, big turns, it did not feel like a 108 under foot. Very fun. I know a lot of my issues i had with the ski were confidence and technique related. I had a great second day on these at Heavenly where the pitch is less steep and i felt comfortable pointing them downhill. They also love to hop off stuff, im not super sendy but if i see a nice little hit and a safe landing, ill take it and these skis did great on that. I dont ski switch so i cant speak to that, but it's a twin tip so it probably does fine.

Overall, i really enjoyed this beast of a ski. I wish it came in a 168/169, and that i was a better skier. :smile: I may ask when i return them if adjusting the mount point would help me out, despite the fact they already have a progressive mount point. I was so impressed with the construction, the feel of the ski, the looks, i love that its a local company too. I really want to get along better with them and own a pair but i also dont want to have a ski i struggle with.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have the tour version and the Sierra for inbounds. Yes, they love being pushed and will fly in deep, steep powder. I find them super fun in powder. I love skiing powder though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your experience. Not every ski is for everyone.


Certified Ski Diva
I have the tour version and the Sierra for inbounds. Yes, they love being pushed and will fly in deep, steep powder. I find them super fun in powder. I love skiing powder though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your experience. Not every ski is for everyone.
Totally! I’m hoping to get better at it and feel
More comfortable in the deep and steeper stuff. I hear good things about the sierras but I already have a 99 under foot, I’d like to try the hot mess too.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
If you want a 164cm look at the wildcat 108 in the moment line. Very similar ski. That might be your sweet spot.


Angel Diva
I think @empogo has the hot mess … any thoughts to share as to how they skied this past season (well it’s still going for you I think!)

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