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Kulkea Speed Star Jr boot bag


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
A quick quadruple thumbs up for this boot bag. We bought 2 last winter for our kids and they are great.

The padded shoulder straps fit well for smaller frames. My 9 yr old and 12 yr old both were very comfortable carrying them, even in the airport when we went to Austria. Straps are set closer, good for kids and smaller adults.

The boot pockets fit my boots fine. My husbands boots just barely fit. The inner pocket fits the helmet, gloves, hat, shell, snacks, everything they need for a day of skiing.

The design of this bag is great, I can't say enough about the placement and padding of the shoulder straps for shoulder comfort. I am thinking of getting one for myself this season, I have narrow shoulders...

I love them each having their own bag for their own stuff, packed and ready to go.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Just got the adult version (Speed Star) for myself and husband. Replica of the kids bag just bigger. Fits adult boots a lot better.

I am liking this bag because of the way the main pocket opens, from the top of the bag down the the bottom front. There is no reaching in, just unzip. My adult bag has boots (of course), helmet, gloves, balaclava, etc plus my ski pants, jacket, underlayers, extra socks etc. with not much room to spare, so, perfect!

I will say, for the smaller divas, the shoulder straps are a little far apart and the chest strap isn't high enough for a more petite person. The kids' bag fits me perfectly (5'3"), the adult is a little wide but the shoulder straps are heavily padded so it takes away some of the shoulder discomfort I would normally get.

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