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Kids way younger is pass photo- ever a problem?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Mini is 2 in her pass photo. She is now a 5’9” teenager. It’s a bragging thing at our home mountain to have the most out of date pass photo. But we’re talking about a Canada Spring Break Trip. Could this cause problems? It’s never been a problem in Colorado.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
You use the same pass everywhere?
I don't understand.
It’s an IKON pass

we’ve used it at Winter Park, Copper, ABasin, Aspen and Steamboat with no problems. But we’re booking a trip to Banff and Revelstoke and didn’t know if other areas were as relaxed about pass photos. It’s clearly her- just a decade ago.


Angel Diva
I would call and ask both places. They should be able to pull up the photo and you can say it was a decade ago and see what they say.


Certified Ski Diva
We have Epic passes and it's the same... The photos of the kids are from when they were 5 and 7. Sometimes the Vail guys scanning passes will ask them their names, but nothing ever comes of it.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Update: She had no problem at Sunshine (but only scanned once at the base). She got flagged at Lake Louise for scan error and they had to call in and did an age verification and suggested she go get a new photo.

Due to not wanting helmet hair in a photo they said to do it soon.

We’re going to Revelstoke tomorrow so we might get a new pass photo.

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