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Jackson Hole plans


Certified Ski Diva
DH has been watching this closely since we always try to get out there during President’s Week to see @snoWYmonkey!


• No reservations for season pass / mountain collective pass holders
• Ikon Pass reservations TBD, but given what they are doing for the MC pass and the fact JHMR came off the base pass, seems like it might be okay
• Reservations for everyone else, priority to people who have booked accommodation at the resort
• Pretty much everything seems planned to open, including the Tram, at limited capacity.


Angel Diva
• Ikon Pass reservations TBD, but given what they are doing for the MC pass and the fact JHMR came off the base pass, seems like it might be okay
Good point about the fact that it was an extra $150 to add JH and Aspen to Ikon Base. So probably folks who wanted to include JH bought Full Ikon.

Giving priority to people who book lodging on resort is the only approach that makes any sense for destination resorts. Although VR opted not to tie the two together. Perhaps because there are so many VR resorts with a lot of slopeside lodging that isn't owned by VR.

JHMR not only has slopeside lodging, it also manages/owns condos that aren't in Teton Village. There used to be MCP discounts for lodging, but not for 2020-21. Although I found several years ago that VRBO had better prices from independent condo owners even with a MCP discount.


Angel Diva
Here are a couple of differences for this season that are unique to JH. Although perhaps the idea of starting up a base lift or two early would be helpful at other ski resorts as well. At least at mountains there are big enough that it can take more than one lift ride to get to terrain that doesn't require returning to the main base for a while. I can think of several in the west like that.
  • Commencing with the holidays and continuing as long as necessary and when possible, we will start the Teewinot, Sweetwater and Après Vous lifts at 8:30 a.m., subject to snow control efforts, so that our guests can move out of the base area earlier and enjoy more time on the snow.
  • The Aerial Tram will operate but at a significantly reduced capacity on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional access to Rendezvous Bowl and the backcountry, we will introduce a boot pack from the top of the Sublette lift.


Angel Diva
More about JH advanced ticket sales, which start Oct. 5. Not quite sure who would be interested in an afternoon ticket. A local would be more likely to have a season pass. I suppose there may be some travelers who will end up arriving in Jackson with time for a few hours the first afternoon.

Note that the info from RFID cards can be used for contact tracing. I suppose the way that could work is that if someone tests positive, an announcement could be made about which lifts they were riding and the approximate timeframe.

Advanced Ticket Purchasing

Starting October 5, tickets will be sold through an online advanced ticket purchasing system for day and afternoon tickets. Guests will be incentivized to purchase online before their visit and will receive a 10% discount with advanced purchases made outside 14 days or more and a 5% discount for purchases made within 7-14 days. Advanced purchasing also allows pre-arrival fulfillment, mailing and lodge delivery with the added convenience of direct-to-lift access. Same-day window and online ticket sales will be offered based on availability. If capacity limits are met for a specific day, tickets will no longer be available for purchase. To keep everyone safe, all day tickets will be associated with an individual to allow for contact tracing in the event of COVID-19 exposure using our radio frequency identification (RFID) lift ticket system.
I am so relieved that we will be opening up for the winter. To my knowledge JHMR does not own any lodging, but does own the company that manages most of the privately owned properties available for short term rent at or near the Village area.

One major reason for limited numbers, I suspect, has to do with getting to and from the area as parking is very limited and all development, including but not limited to the resort, has a mandate in place limiting traffic on the only road to the Village area.

While nothing has been stated yet, I suspect that all booked lessons will come with guaranteed access to a lift ticket for the day of the lesson.

I have not heard anything about tracing through tickets and would be very surprised if it were to happen that way as all contact tracing has been done by county public health and not the employers in regards to employees or guests.

Hopefully guests, locals and all my colleagues will be patient as we figure out how to make it all work as smoothly as possible.

The snow storms have started, and the lovely white yo-yo is doing its thing in the mountains. Though we do have fire weather warnings this coming week.

See you all on the slopes!


Angel Diva
Looks like the long planned new home for JH ski school will be open this season. @snoWYmonkey : does that mean private lessons will start there for adults? EDIT: never mind, I found that private lessons still meet at the base.


Solitude Station
Located at the Sweetwater Gondola mid-station, just a short two minute ride from the base, Solitude Station boasts 12,000 square feet of Mountain Sports School, rental and dining facilities. This full service lodge for Mountain Sports School guests brings to life a new center of learning and fun in Jackson Hole.

Solitude Station provides an enhanced Mountain Sports School experience for children 7 years and older and adult lessons for all ability levels.
@marzNC The Solitude Station has been fully open for business for a year now. With the older kids meeting there and their lunch space and the full service buffet for guests in lessons, both privates and groups as well as camp lunches. The deck is awesome with a big firepit and a spot to watch beginners on the magic carpet. The rental spot is nice for the first day skiers too as they don't have to walk up to the gondola in boots carrying all their gear. So far it has worked out great and is a very welcome addition to the facilities on the mountain.

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