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Is coronavirus changing your ski plans?

just jane

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
So the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Colorado came from an out-of-state visitor to Summit County. Apparently he has recently been in Italy and his traveling companion got it, AND HE DECIDED TO GO AHEAD WITH HIS SKI VACATION TO COLORADO ANYWAY. Ahem. I’m super-annoyed by this. I don’t know what I’d choose to do if I had a trip scheduled right now. I’d be paying very close attention. (Unless I knew I’d been exposed then I’d stay home because I’m not a jerk!)

So what are people thinking? How are you planning/not planning around it? Curious.



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The idea of changing plans because of coronavirus hadn’t even occurred to me until your post. My travel plans are over a month away so I suppose it’s just wait and see on what happens with the spread of the virus.


Angel Diva
I have a trip planned flying to SLC in April. Not expecting to cancel.

I traveled to China in 2009 during the summer when H1N1 was an issue. That trip included my then tween daughter and other families with tween girls. The situation was a bit more stressful for the parents, but was worth the effort.

I just spent a day at a major tourist attraction in western NC. I'm not overly concerned. Neither was anyone else as far as I could tell. Note that there has been a confirmed case in NC already. The person had visited the care facility in WA where several deaths have occurred. They didn't know they were infected until after flying home and going about their regular business for a few days.

just jane

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I am thinking of the germ nightmare that is a ski lodge. Vast tables, self-serve buffet/cafeteria meals, grab-your-own utensils... yikes. I’m glad we pack a lunch when we go. I plan on bringing wipes with us for the rest of the season for the tables - they never have a chance to clean those in between groups.

Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My ski season ends the 2nd week of March and we always head to Hawaii afterwards to defrost and jumpstart our golf season. My husband works at a hospital and was not worried about the Coronavirus last month, but he just told me we are canceling the trip. If he is concerned enough to cancel our trip, then it is quite serious.

just jane

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I assume that most of us will get it eventually, but I’d like to avoid it until there’s a vaccine if possible! I’m not worried about myself, but I don’t want to expose people who are vulnerable. A good friend's husband just got a bone marrow transplant for leukemia and I don’t want either of them to even leave the house right now! I mean, they won't let him for a while yet but he is probably immunocompromised for life which hopefully will be long.

My cousin was supposed to be here for a work trip in a couple of weeks and his meeting was canceled.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have 2 spring trips planned--one ski trip at the end of March to Utah and a trip to Hawaii at the end of April. As of now--if the Utah trip was tomorrow I'd still plan to go---however since the situation changes on a daily basis, too soon to tell what it will be like 3 weeks from now.

The Hawaii trip may be more difficult, as my mother who is in her 80s will be going too, so obviously we don't want her to get it. No underlying health issues--just the age risk factor but still seems foolish to take unnecessary risk--so we are playing it by ear to to see how it all plays out.
I have two trips planned for this month by air. Flying (one way) to Reno Mar 14 to ski Tahoe for about a week (driving home) and then flying to Crested Butte on Mar 24 for a week.... As of today, I'm still planning on going.

However, I have a longer trip in early May planned for Nice and Barcelona and not so sure what will happen by then.


Angel Diva
Given my experience paying attention as SARS spread and the H1N1 summer because either I or a close relative had a trip to China planned months in advance, this is the most confusing period when it comes to making decisions about trips that involve flights. What's different is the speed of Internet and social media news and communication compared to 10-20 years ago. I'm paying close attention but per usual looking at multiple sources.
It's nice to see some calm measured voices around this topic. We have all lost our minds here in Seattle. So many schools and workplaces have closed. It is ALL COVID19 ALL THE TIME here. (Singing Covid19 to the tune of "Come On Eileen" helps). I'm worried about my fall trips! It's good to know you guys aren't. I need to chill. But it's hard, when the news is this;

Screenshot_20200305-185757_Samsung Internet.jpg

We are going to Whistler tomorrow. I even hesitate to say that because it feels like we're all lepers. If anyone asks where we are from I might say Bellingham. But Canada doesn't have any border restrictions, and hasn't even stopped flights from Iran or China. People from Iran have come with it, among they just have them do self quarantine. They are so much calmer about it. They dealt with SARS in 2003 so it's not new. I asked my husband if we should stay home and he reasoned, let's just follow the rules and go where we are allowed to go.
I've got a hair appt in San Francisco next week and always take public transportation. Now I'm thinking of driving or canceling. All those people in the city...


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I live in Oakland and commute on public transportation (Bart) to SF every day. When I get in, I wash my hands. But I did that before coronavirus. I volunteer at a dog shelter with random members of the public walking in and out. I am headed to Tahoe (Squaw/Alpine) this weekend. I'm not changing my life.

If I feel sick, I will stay home - but I do that anyway. I feel like a lot of people are panicking and overreacting. If you are over 70 or have a respiratory condition, you prob need to take precautions, but otherwise wash your hands more and stay home if you're sick.

My company has canceled all business travel and has told everyone in the Seattle offices to WFH until the end of March. We also canceled a big event in Sydney and are not attending some other events where we were planning on having a presence.
We just got emails from the city. Here are our new instructions. This is why I am relieved to know that elsewhere, people are like, of course we are traveling!

I volunteer at a dog shelter with random members of the public walking in and out.
Me too. In terms of not picking anything up from there, I feel fine, because I've had giardia which I'm sure I got there and so am super paranoid about keeping clean. But I worry that enough people will get sick that animal care will suffer, or, the city will bar volunteers from coming. :(


Angel Diva
My Grandvalira (Andorra) season pass allows days at several resorts around the world, including 3 at Skirama (e.g., Madonna di Campiglio) in Northern Italy. So I had planned to take next week off and take a road trip up to the Dolomites. Last weekend I decided to cancel Italy - but no great impact as my hotel was refundable and I will simply spend the week in Andorra which is excellent as it has been snowing all week and I am at home there.

Clear guidance here as well - including the fact that no physical greetings are allowed at work (handshakes and the "bises" or two-cheek kissing is for the moment off limits), which is traumatic for the French. Note that we greet one another physically EVERY DAY even if we see someone EVERY DAY. It is nice and it is thoughtful, but I am currently enjoying the break from it, I must admit. It can take quite some time at the start of a meeting with 10 people for all 10 to greet each other before we can start. Especially when half of them arrive late...:tongue:

But seriously, everyone be careful.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I am mildly freaking out, tbh. If I can make it through this month — 4 out of town trips with overnight stays in hotels or other “not home” accommodations with groups of people, including two public meetings for work and 2 ski trips — unscathed, I swear my introverted self is just going to stay home in April. Technically I have an underlying condition according to everything I’ve read. Also, I know a couple of people who are infected and receiving treatment.


Certified Ski Diva
I have to cancel my trip to Colorado next week because my workplace has forbid us to leave the country for work purposes. I think it’s more about liability than anything.

I suspect the conference there in Denver will get cancelled anyway, but I’m so disappointed that I won’t get to check out the infamous skiing there.

We’re trying to come up with alternate options, so maybe a road trip to Vermont instead.

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