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Our ski year came to an abrupt halt this year. I don’t think anyone was ready to be done. I know I felt like the better half of the season was yet to come. In the PNW, the season can be amazing thru late April; sometimes longer. We didn’t get any of those late light spring days, didn’t get to have our end of year rituals. It was just done.


We had some great days, some great snows, some great turns. I’m trying to focus on these, rather than the loss. I’m trying to put a limit on my pity party. So in that spirit here are my gratitudes for the season:

I’m grateful we had our health and could ski. Hubs had been pending a new hip for awhile. We postponed once due to some other health issues he had, but it was clear at the end of last season that it had to happen. He was barely making 1/2 dozens runs in increasing agony. We’d already given up on hiking, or even walking really. Old hip traded in for new model last June. Couple days prior, I managed to slip while crossing a creek hiking and broke my wrist. Jeez. So we went from being the dynamic duo to the disable duo. And we managed to have a great year despite all that. Hubs got 45 days or so as an employee at the Pass, and we had some excellent days, skiing strong and happy!

I’m grateful I got out on my fatty skis at least 3 times and had a blast in the snow! We got off to a slow snow start, then rain, then too much snow. Like 7ft in that many days. When the road re-opened after a protracted closure, it was awesome!! I’ve come to love my atomic century skis that I bought on CL. The girl I bought them from had set them up for AT, w/skins and backcountry bindings. I HATED those bindings- way too high, just all wrong. Traded the bindings for a resort set up and gave the skins to my niece to use on her kiddos skis on Mt Rainier. And now I love them. Like a hot knife thru butter. SO fun!

I’m grateful I had an inkling it might all end prematurely. I’m a nurse and could feel this coming. Additionally since hubs works on the mtn, I’d heard rumblings. I skied that last day like it might be my last day. I did more runs, felt things more deeply, and did my last run multi-pause lookie loo look around. It was my favorite kind of day too: snowy, blowy, stormy, cold. Hubs had to go in for an extra layer, and I just kept going. Did not wanna stop. SO good.

I’m grateful I even got to use my bday splurge new mittens. I’d seen the Astis mittens on this site and was captivated. I happened to run into a woman wearing them this year in the lift line, and quizzed her while admiring them. Hubs was not impressed, but I went ahead and got a pair and Oh.My.God. those things are insanely warm and SO beautiful and fun. I got about a zillion compliments and questions that day. I won’t be able to wear them when it’s 25F or warmer, but I’m so excited to have warm hands and such unique mittens!!! Since my bday is early March, I was just able to wear them that one last day, and how lucky is that?

I’m grateful we did shut down the areas to protect the employees and skiers. Some of those lift line photos were insane! It had to happen. And while we are all missing our turns, the mountains remain. We’ll have more turns. And it’ll be great!

Anybody else?
Welcome @Après Skier. Great screen name.

I am grateful for the days we skied this season at Mammoth, our home mountain and at Big Bear with @mustski.

I'm especially grateful that we managed to take a 3 week road trip to Salt Lake City, Aspen, Copper and Keystone. We skied 15 days and enjoyed them all.

I'm grateful that we are both healthy and that my feet did not give me trouble this season. I'm grateful that I was skiing a little better. I'm sorry I didn't have a few more months for spring skiing and to face some challenges at Mammoth. I'm sorry we couldn't take a second road trip.

But overall it was a good year. Though we are in our sixties, we will have many more good years ahead. So losing a couple of months is just a minor matter.

I pray that we all have more to be grateful for and less to regret over the next months. Stay healthy, happy, safe and sane.

And I'm especially grateful for my friends and all of the great women on this forum.


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I'm grateful for nurses and everyone who works in healthcare, and pray you all stay healthy and safe.
I'm grateful for the online community found in forums like these, and for the friendships that were made because of them.
I'm grateful for at least breaking even on my two ski passes.
I'm grateful for my health.
I'm grateful for my home, family, friends, and employer.

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I love this thread. With all the bad stuff going on in the world, we too often forget to be thankful for the good stuff that happens. So here goes:

I skied 70 days this season. And though that's not as many days as I usually get, I'm really grateful that I got in as many as I did. Most of them were on weekdays, too, so I'm thankful that I'm able to ski when it's not especially crowded.

I'm thankful that I didn't get injured, and that I was healthy enough to get out there and ski. I'm officially old (yes, I went on Medicare this year), and many women my age are sidelined for one reason or another, or are not fit or healthy enough to get out there and ski. Yes, my energy level isn't what it used to be, but that's okay. I'm trying to learn to take it easier than I did in the past.

I'm thankful that I live close enough to skiing that it's not difficult for me to get out and ski every day. Really, in 10 minutes I can be at my local hill, and that's not bad, considering how far many of you have to drive to ski.

I'm thankful that I got to go on two fabulous trips this year: Diva West and Diva East. SO. MUCH. FUN. It's always a blast to get together with Divas I've met in the past and meet new ones, too. And conditions at Jackson Hole couldn't have been better. We really lucked out, didn't we, Divas?

I'm also thankful my parents maintained the status quo and didn't present me with any health emergencies this season. My Dad is 97 and my mom is 90, and neither are doing well. It's always a nail biter that something will go wrong and I'll have to race down to Florida to be with them. Luckily, things worked out and that didn't happen. But I have two words for anyone with ailing or elderly family members: Trip Insurance. I get it every year, and I consider it a worthwhile investment.

Also -- and this almost goes without saying -- I'm grateful for this fantastic community. I consider myself so lucky to have you in my life.. So thank you, one and all.
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I’m grateful for this beautiful piece of land in this beautiful state where I made my home with Mr. Blizzard. The woods are a few steps away, a trail is a 3-minute walk. We are 25 minutes to Okemo and 40 to Killington. I have 4 raised beds and plans for more for vegetables, and flowers are planted everywhere. We have a small stream and several springs up the hill. We are only 2/10 mile from paved road!

I’m grateful for skiing and gardening, both incentives to try to get in shape at this late age. And skiing friends near and far, and other friends near and far!

I could fall on my knees with gratitude for my daughter, her husband, and darling granddaughter. They are the light of my life, and kind-spirited, bright, hardworking, and wonderful parents.

Wow, this could go on and on. Deep gratitude


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This makes me so emotional since I have MUCH to be grateful for! I am in awe of nature, even when it is dangerous (unexpected pop up thunder storm that roared through last night). I am grateful for my health even with the stray blip and pray for those who are trying to care for everyone who is in trouble.

Grateful for friends near and far who are now family in some way or another! This list could go on and on and on for me. I'm keeping it basic.

Stay safe everyone!


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I am grateful that I got back on my skis this season ( following a busted lower leg in 2018). . I am grateful I found this forum from which I found ( and read) a book about facing my fear . My last couple of weeks of skiing were great !
I am happy that the day before out mountains and country ( Andorra ) closed , we had a great morning with friends on my favourite hill followed by a long old lunch in the sunshine . We had no idea I’d was to be the last supper ☹️
I am also very glad we came down the mountains for the shutdown . Having a huge property to amuse yourself is way better than all our friends . We regret we didn’t see it coming and invite them down for the duration . Hindsight is a wonderful thing !
Now we have all been asked to help the farming community with the harvest . So I guess I will be up close and personal with strawberries for a few weeks . But I am happy to be fit enough to help if needed .

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