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Do you plan to renew your Epic pass?


Angel Diva
I'm actually thinking the Northeast Value Pass will work for me instead as well as the Indy Pass. I don't plan to ski Epic resorts on most blackout days anyway, and there's a lot of Indy ski areas I want to explore (or already know that I like). Plus, Bolton Valley and Stowe are the same distance from the ski clubhouse.
Is that the Schenectady winter sports club? Jay Peak is under an hour from there I think. Not a bad choice! But are the number of days at stowe fairly limited on the value pass?


Angel Diva
Yes. Ten days with blackouts at Stowe. That is more than enough. I live in Long Island and have to adhere to the school schedule, so not too many opportunities to get up north.

We have an earlier spring break in 2023 (first week of April I think), so I was going to save the Jay days for then.

ski diva

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.Just ask divas who skied with me at both places during Diva West..... Was it crowded mid week? No. I don't ski weekends or holidays.
It was definitely more crowded midweek than it was pre-Epic. Which is why I wasn't at Okemo as much this year. I think that's the case at most Epic resorts.

And if I come to Diva East, not sure how I'll get my ticket prices down at Sugarbush, I haven't looked into that yet.

I'm sure someone with an Ikon pass could help you get a Buddy Pass. :smile:
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Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I switch between Ikon and Epic (both local) every two years. After experiencing insane crowds -skiing midweek - at Breck during 2020/21 season I've had enough and for 2021/22 bought Ikon and Epic Keystone. Then, as you may know, Vail Resorts issued the Covid mandate and disallowed the unvaccinated customers use the "caffeteria-style" restaurants . Since Keystone has only those I complained about the restrictions. They replied that their prority was the health of employers and customers and pointed out that I can eat outside. A great suggestion especially when temps are below freezing.
So, from now on I'll buy passes from ski companies whose priority is providing good SKIING environment for their customers.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Whistler is my home mountain, so my dilemma is WB season pass vs Epic pass - I'm not planning to ski in the US, but if I can visit my parents in Hong Kong for Xmas, I'll probably do a side trip to Japan to ski Hakuba and/or Nozawa Onsen (I've always wanted to go to the fire festival there) - and the former is on Epic. The side dilemma is a 10-day WB Edge Card vs Epic Local, which gives 10 days at WB. If my parents are visiting again, WB has been so unsuitable a place for my perpetual beginner 83yo dad to ski that we're looking at going to Sun Peaks or Banff with my parents.

My plan is sign up now for an Epic local & if the trip to HK isn't happening, I'll know by early November and can still switch it to a WB season pass at that point. VR are typically happy to help you spend more, but not to help you downgrade your pass....


Diva in Training
Just renewed EPIC pass for next season! Seriously considered IKON because I’ve heard only good things about Palisades but most of my crew will be on EPIC again and I find most things are more fun with the right people : ) Planning to supplement with a 3- or 4-day IKON pass though.

I got in I think 12-ish days at Heavenly/Northstar/Kirkwood this year and 2 days in Breck/Keystone. I live in SF and Tahoe is at least a 3.5 hour drive for us one way on a good day so the pass was more than worth it for me this year. So jealous of y’all who live within an hour or even two of a resort

Definitely hoping to get out to Park City, WA, and maybe even the NE next season.


Angel Diva
I'm struggling deciding on what pass to get. I am losing my ski buddy, AKA, my 18 year old daughter, who will be going to college next year. Both Epic NE value pass and Indy Pass have mountains close enough for me to do day trips but the thought of driving & skiing by myself most of the time sounds a bit boring. If I get an Ikon, I would have to start looking into joining a ski club so I would have somewhere to stay near mountains. Decisions, decisions...
I had 10 great (all mid week) days of skiing on my Epic Local pass this season so I got my money's worth and found it super convenient, especially because it was 20% off. Winter '23, I will be skiing much more at my local mountain (where I will renew my pass) but not so much at Epic or Ikon resorts so I will get an Epic four-pack and if I hit up an Ikon resort maybe I can snag a buddy pass or a discounted ticket.


Angel Diva
Just saw on Facebook that Stowe will be charging for parking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and on holidays:
A letter from the GM:

I’m Bobby Murphy, general manager here at Stowe Mountain Resort, and I’d like to share an update on a topic that’s been on a lot of people’s minds this season.

We are proud to be a popular destination for skiing and riding, but we recognize that traffic is a key challenge. I’ve been asked what we can do to improve the flow of guests into and out of the resort. What can we do to help reduce traffic congestion, increase carpooling, and increase the use of public transit to the resort? How can our operations help change behavior? In response to this, Stowe Mountain Resort will implement a new parking plan for the 2022-23 winter season which includes free and paid parking, new payment strategies and special incentives for those who choose to carpool.

Parking will remain free at all lots Monday through Thursday during non-holiday periods, and at all lots after 2pm. Paid parking will be implemented Friday through Sunday and holidays at all lots, except at the Cross Country Center and Toll House area lots which will remain free seven days a week. Free parking will also be offered at all times in all lots to cars arriving with four or more guests, which we hope encourages carpooling. Additionally, payment can be made via a smartphone app or on-site kiosks to help ensure faster, more efficient parking, especially at our busiest times.

By encouraging more people to use public transport, carpool or visit during non-peak times, we hope to move congestion off of the two-lane road leading to the resort and from our main lots.

In addition, we are ramping up our partnership with Green Mountain Transit, with proceeds from our paid parking going toward additional buses and capacity as well as toward our own resort shuttle system to improve public transportation in and around the resort.

We thank you for your understanding as we strive to create smoother arrivals and departures at our resort. We’ll be releasing additional details about the plan soon.

Thank you,


santacruz skier

Angel Diva
Renewed yesterday but this year decided to go for Tahoe Value instead of Tahoe Local. I figured I almost never ski on Saturdays (or Sundays for that matter), have not used the access to other resorts in 10 years, and decided I may buy a 4 day Ikon or try to get F&F Ikon from a diva for skiing Taos. Think I got 19 days on the Epic......all midweek days. Paid for other lift tickets but still cheaper than buying both passes.

Once again, having available accommodations at Heavenly, Northstar Village, and Tahoe City driving my decision.

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