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Did anyone accurately predict the '18-'19 winter season?

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This is the time of year when the winter forecasts start to roll in. We all look at them with eager anticipation: how will skiing be this coming season? Will we get a lot of snow? Did anyone get it right last year?

So how accurate were these predictions? An interesting article in OpenSnow.com provides some insight.


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The forecast was totally wrong for SoCal but, in fairness, El Niño can go both ways for us- cold and snowy or Pineapple express. The real question is what will happen this year. Following El Niño, we either have a few “average” seasons or flip right back into drought conditions.
Same here. They were correct in forecasting the moderate El Niño or whatever it was, however, that isn't a predictor of a particular type of ski season/ snow pack.

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