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Debate humor

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We have a rule on TheSkiDiva.com: No politics on the forum. There's enough of that everywhere else, and it only stirs up trouble and divides the community. But this satire from Unofficial Networks on the Dem Debates is too funny. And really, it's not political at all.

Bernie Tells Colorado Gov. "Ice Coast Rules, Vail Can Suck It"

By: Francis Xavier | July 31, 2019

Bernie Sanders got all full of piss and vinegar when the subject of skiing in the east vs west came up during the debates last night. Things got personal when former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper tried to shout down Bernie calling Vermont skiing “Playschool stuff” arguing that Colorado is the epicenter of the ski world. Bernie scoffed and fired back “Icecoast runs ####.”

Moderator Jake Tapper got flustered when Bernie started to pantomime his mogul skills while jumping up and down the stairs of the debate stage while Gov. Hickenlooper lit a joint and pulled up his dress slacks to show off his double ACL surgery scars from overshooting a booter at Breck.

The presidential candidates will be racing NASTAR on Friday at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. The loser will drop out of the race and will have to chug a beer out the others ski boot. Who you got?

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