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Changes at SKI Magazine

ski diva

Staff member
I follow the Editor-in-Chief of SKI Magazine on Twitter, and she just posted the following email that she sent to all the magazine's contributors today. I thought I might re-post it here, so anyone who gets SKI will know what to expect in the future. (BTW, in case you didn't know, Outside owns SKI.)

Yesterday, Outside Inc. made the difficult decision to reduce print by 80 percent across the company. In addition to our unified Winter Gear Guide, we will only produce one additional print magazine this year and for the foreseeable future. We are just beginning the process of determining what this SKI annual is will look like and what we will be able to include in its pages.

It all makes me a bit sad. How about you?
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Angel Diva
Yeah, kinda sad, I know what you mean.

"We are just beginning the process of determining what this SKI annual is will look like and what we will be able to include in its pages."

Wonder what it'll look like.


Staff member
I mean, I guess it's sad in a way, but when was the last that that magazine was good?

There are some ski magazines still doing print, but it's true that they're not like SKI. Maybe that's good?

They also feature absolutely gorgeous photography, which you can then use for cheap ski art. :smile:

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 11.52.40 AM.png

Amie H

Angel Diva
Hmm...I was on the fence about renewing my subscription. So, now it's only 2 magazines per year? Yeesh.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Outside is so dicey. I’ve been subscribing to the print mag for years and it seems like I still don’t have access to the online content tagged as being for subscribers. I emailed them and was told I had to also pay for “Outside+” Er, thanks but not thanks. I’m at at loss and likely won’t renew.
And by the way I also subscribe to Ski mag.

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