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Bringing skis on Amtrak


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I’m looking to go to Killington for a few midweek days in January. I’m in NYC and carless so Amtrak to Rutland then bus/car service seems to make financial and practical sense.

I’ll bring my single ski bag and wonder where it would go on the train. Has anybody done it?


Certified Ski Diva
i've never even done it, since you can just bring large bags right onto the train with you as carry-on. besides the generous overhead racks (they might not be long enough for average skis, but i think the separators don't go up to the ceiling, so you could have them going over 2 sections), they have larger luggage storage areas at the ends of the cars.

for as much of a pain as Amtrak can be, the luggage allowance really is a perk!
My first real "big" trip was to K'ton by Amtrak (from Washington DC), transferred in NYC to Rutland VT.

There is luggage allowance: 2 bags carry on and cannot check bags (per the ticket I purchased that time). I brought 3 pieces carry on: 1) ski bag, 2) small suitcase, 3) large shoulder bag.

But no one bothered to check I had 3 bags. I asked before I boarded the train and was told it'd be fine.

As for storage, @NYC2VT is correct, there are larger luggage storage areas at the end of each cart. So you can opt to sit somewhere near the storage area to keep eyes on your suitcases. The space was big (& wide) enough that I was able to lay my ski bag flat on ground.
There are overhead compartment for storage but my ski bag was too heavy for me to lift and put it up there.

There are "steps" as you get on and off the train. Amtrak staff helped me w/ my ski bag, since it was quite "long". Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need. It can be tricky to maneuver w/ the ski bag as you get on and off the train.

The train i took was the 2pm'ish train out of NYC Penn station and arrived to Rutland around 8:30 pm. It was not an "express" train. I know there are express trains out of NYC on weekends to accommodate weekend skiers to VT.

Yes there is a public bus from Rutland to K'ton. Many K'ton staff take that bus to and from work. May get crowded in the morning bus (~7:30 am). But if you get on at the terminal station, you will be able to find seat for sure.

There are several hotels along that bus route in Rutland.

There is a Walmart (practically) next to Amtrak train station.

Hope my answer helped.


Certified Ski Diva
My first real "big" trip was to K'ton by Amtrak (from Washington DC), transferred in NYC to Rutland VT.
that's quite a haul! i went to UMD and rode Amtrak up to NYC (to transfer to a local train) for holiday breaks and that was long. i've also done the train from NYC to Rutland and that was long. both together? wow.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
All excellent info, thanks. I'm used to lugging my ski bag to and from the airport so I should be ok with the stairs. Even the subway!

It looks like it's 5 hours from NYC to Rutland on Amtrak and the same (likely longer considering traffic) by car, so might as well relax on a train.

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