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Blizzard Bonafide ski sizing


Diva in Training
Hey all!

Looking for advice on sizing for Blizzard Bonafides and hoping someone can help me out :smile: I'm in my early 20s 5'9" 140lb and trying to decide between the 173 and 166. I'm an ex ski racer and ex collegiate swimmer so am athletic and ski pretty aggressively - I've loved the Bonafides every time I've demoed them (every women's ski I've tried hasn't been stiff or stable enough at high speed). My issue is I don't remember what size I demoed hence, the current predicament. fwiw, I'm currently skiing on 170 Volkl Racetigers, have also enjoyed skiing 171 Volkl Mantras and ski mainly in Colorado/California/Tahoe areas.

Any advice would be super appreciated!



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
One of my good friends is about your height/weight (but just a solid recreational/non-racer background). She loves the 173. She also has the older model with the longer turn radius and thinks they can be a little bit of work in tight spots (but also mentioned that it really doesn't matter since they plow through anything anyways).

If you know where you demoed, sometimes the shop can look up your transaction if you want to be extra sure.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
173 for sure for float and stability at speed (this would be my pick for you), 166 if you're primarily skiing trees, or are looking for "fun" factor.

I generally ski Volkls around 177, and demoed the the 173 Bone. It was a hoot, but I would have had no issue with upsizing to the 180 (although I couldn't because my hubby was on it and wouldn't give it up).

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