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Active Isolated Stretching

Slow Sarah

Angel Diva
I recently took a weekend class with a woman who was teaching us this technique for overall health and well-being. I found it hugely beneficial and it worked in such a short amount of time. Beyond just following along with the lessons, I also asked about the places that tend to bother me during or after skiing like my lower back and inner knees. The wonderful thing I found was how quickly I was able limber up; I was even able to stretch out the tightness in an old shoulder injury.
Others in the class were similarly impressed at various aspects of the teaching. Additionally, there are stretches for every single part of the body so ankles, wrists, necks even toes, fingers, hands and feet can be addressed. I thought about how all of the various parts of the body can sometimes become sore depending on the day we’ve had…uncomfortable boots, long lift lines, a fall, etc.
One woman worked on stretches that looked like she was working her calves but the stretches were actually for plantar fasciitis. The instructor stressed how muscles are connected so that stretching my neck tended to affect a part of my back so we stopped working on the neck and focused on the back before returning to the neck.
I also appreciated the focus on how muscles receive oxygen when they are stretched and the stretching gets them gently ready to work. Everything was so slow and calm I felt like there was less fear and worry as I worked through pain points.

There is also a piece of the overall program that addresses strength training but we didn’t get that far in that weekend.

The website: stretchingusa.com

I hope this helps someone and I am interested to know if any of the trainers or coaches out there have heard of this and have thoughts.

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