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82 and still racing


Angel Diva
Awesome indeed! Were there any others in her category or is she the "last women standing(skiing)?" I can only hope to aim for that.


My goal is to be skiing into my 80's. Maybe now I'll adjust that upwards to 90's!!!

ski diva

Staff member
Wow, these women are amazing! Definitely something to aspire to.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Naomi Wain was still racing at age 90 last winter.


Naomi has been a regular at Alta Lodge for decades. They threw her a 90th birthday party in April. At the end of this interview, she talks about the NASTAR racing.


She was at the lodge when we stayed there just in November ...Very inspiring. I guess she spends the first part of the season there, then 2 wk of every month. I love it. DH decided his new financial goal is to leave me in a position to do the same when I'm widowed! lol.

(Ok, that sounds kind of morbid, but it was funny at the time...)


I don't know how many oldsters are out there at Squaw (older than me, ha ha), but I sure see a LOT of them. Some singles, some couples. A few of them seem to ski better than they walk! Skis are the great equalizer, on skis you sometimes can't tell the age of the skier! I tend to ski during the week, and that's when they're all out. No idea on ages, but some I see have to be in their late 70's and 80's. I once rode in the lift with a guy who wore a jacket designating an over-80's club or some such. Love it!


Angel Diva
Turns out there is a ski club that is for folks 70 and up. Been around since 1977. They set up some pretty neat ski trips. The Member Profiles webpage has some really neat stories.


One time at Alta I rode up with a man from the midwest in his 80's. Spends the winter months in SLC and skis Alta exclusively. Now that's an active retirement!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yup, he still races with us!

Lou Batori

We LOVE this guy. :love: Crystal Mountain even gave him his own parking spot 2 years ago.

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