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2017 Demo Day at Tremblant


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I was finally able to make a demo day here. Atomic, Rossi, Solomon, Blizzard and Dynastar showed up. I had a list from the local shop, so I didn't post here about doing this. Our local shop carries the first three. So me- CSIA 2 Instructor, 155 lb, 58 years young, finesse skier. Daily driver - Rossi Hero ST Carbon in 161.

1. Vantage X 77. This is a ski that will be carried in the store. The Affinity is gone and this is the replacement line. Tried a 160 as there is rocker. Nice ski for a intermediate or low advanced skier. Atomics make a funny noise on hardpack and this ski did it too.
2. Cloud 11CS. This is a carver and reasonably stiff. So an advanced or heavy lady that wants to rip....your ski. Again there is this noise, reminiscent of the Salmon Streetracer.

3. Famous 10. This line is new this coming year. The 6 and 3 complete the line. Found this a little similar to the Attraxion's. 160 cm. A great carver for an advanced lady.
4. Hero AT. This is the ski that replaces my Hero Carbon's. Tuned down race ski. I tried it in a 170, which is a little long for me. But if something happens to my Carbon's, I know where I might be going! If you're a hard charging carver....try it.

Salomon: Got really lucky here, OUR rep was on site today. He just kept cycling me through skis.
5. Wmax12 in 154. This is the first Salomon women's ski that I would consider buying. I really haven't liked most of their skis. This is a stiff ski. It is really the X max 12 made pretty. I would not suggest it for any light weight, that's for sure. Held the hardpack, held the ice and made me go WAHOO! Short snappy turns and long ones too.
6. X max 14. I'm sure it was the length, but I found this puppy really stiff. One of the guys was saying the same thing. It's stiff underfoot. Not a women's ski, but if you've got a heavy guy that needs something 75 underfoot, get them to try it.
7. SC. For years, Salomon had a model called the SC. They've brought the name back. This is a tuned down race ski. I found it too stiff for me, but I know a guy that would love it....Mr. Lizzy!
8. Wmax 8. This is a softer version of the 12. Intermediate to low advanced this is ski to look at. Good carver for that type of skier.
9. Lux 92. 92 underfoot. Not really the place to demo this type of ski, but what the hey....They were fun, I tried to stick to runs with lots of snow so I could see how they'd do. I did find the edge change better than I remember the old Rockette series. They don't carve like the others, but if we have a good snow day, I would love to take them out again.

Any spec's I can get on Monday from the store.


Certified Ski Diva
How many pairs of ski did you manage to try during one demo day?


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It depends on the number of skis and the number of people that take them out. At this demo I got lucky as the Salomon rep for our local store was there. He just kept throwing skis at me. This demo was 2 years. Some I take only 2 runs on, some I keep for 4. They don't want you to keep them out too long. Also since I know some of the reps, I don't want to take up too much of their demo time/inventory. I went to the demo December 28th this season and couldn't get a pair of skis. Sizes were always out. And it was so cold that the tents closed up early.

With some season passes you can demo skis for a day. I have 2 days on my pass.


Certified Ski Diva
I did not know that your demo options may depend on the pass type that you have! I thought that they allow to demo skis to anyone with an ID and lift ticket :smile:

During my last demo in MSLM, ON, the demo reps were asking for a credit card as well, before giving out skis. However, it was announced on the website, so no surprises. I went to MSLM making sure that I have both my driver's license and a credit card on me, and ran to the demo tent immediately after I changed :yahoo:


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No, if you have a full season pass you can demo from the Atomic, Salomon shoppes, Magasin de Place or the Adventure Centre.

Feb demo day is free. You'll need a lift ticket and your driver's license and maybe a credit card. Last I heard, some of the tents got bad credit cards. People took off with the skis and the card they left behind wasn't valid or stolen. So they went back to driver's licenses.

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