Divas 8, Mother Nature 1.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 01/31/13 •  2 min read

If we were keeping score on the Diva Safari, that’s what it’d be.

Over the course of nine days, we skied eight mountains. We persevered, no matter what Mother Nature threw at us: brutal, bone-chilling cold, high gusting winds, fog as thick as pea soup, a snow eating warm-up.

We Divas rock!

Unfortunately, it was Mother Nature’s “1” that caused  us to cut the Safari short. Yep, we’re missing two mountains: Mount Abram and Saddleback.

Here’s what happened: Yesterday we had a huge warm up. Temps rose into the forties. You could feel the warm air rushing up the mountain as we rode the lift. Then last night it rained — no, correction; it poured — and the forecast called for showers for much of today, along with wind gusts up to 50 mph.  So today looked pretty much like a mess,  with the possibility of wind holds on the lifts.The forecast for tomorrow didn’t look better. Temps are headed back to the basement. And with everything so wet out there, conditions promise to be positively glacial.

So we packed it in.

Yes, it’s a disappointment. I love to ski, but I don’t love what I call “forced march skiing” — skiing because you feel like you have to, not because you want to. There’s no joy in that. So this morning we loaded up the car with all our gear, hit the road, and headed out, two mountains short of our ultimate goal.

Still, I’m left with memories of a wonderful time. This was a journey of discovery. I became reacquainted with some mountains I hadn’t been to in years, and I got to know some new ones, too. And yes, I loved them all. Each was special in its own way. I’d be  happy to revisit any one, in the future.

So yes, I’d have to call the Safari an unqualified success. I’m not down two mountains. I’m up two, when I do this again. And believe me, I will.

In the meantime, maybe I should wash my car.


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