2019: A Ski Diva Year in Review

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 12/31/19 •  7 min read

New Year’s is a great time to take a look at the past 12 months and reflect about where we’ve been. For me, that means reviewing fifty-two(!) blog posts at TheSkiDiva — posts I’ve made not just during ski season, but during spring, summer, and fall, too. (I’ve been doing this for more than 13 years, and somehow, I just keep cranking ’em out.) So let’s take a walk down Memory Lane and examine what’s made it from my keyboard to this space throughout 2019. Are there any posts you’ve missed? Any you’ve found particularly helpful or interesting? What’re your favorites? Any suggestions for topics I should cover? I’d love to know.

Here’s the list:

How to Make 2020 the most awesome ski year ever: Things you can do to amp up your skiing in the new year.
Eight Ways You’re Destroying Your Ski Gear: What you could be doing to shorten the life of your equipment.
How To Demo Skis: What you should be looking out for during a ski demo.
Skiing in the Alps: Vacation Expert Heather Burke Breaks It Down: Ever thought about skiing the Alps? Here’s some great advice from someone who knows.
Why Glen Plake’s Down Home Tour Matters: Glen Plake is touring the country’s small ski areas. Here’s why that’s important.


The Ski Divas Take On Aspen Snowmass: Diva West 2019: Notes from TheSkiDiva community’s annual western gathering.
Is Resort Skiing Getting More Dangerous? Could be that’s true. Here’s why and what can be done.
Is It Okay To Be Good And Not Great? Maybe you don’t always have to be the best at something.
10 Skills Ever Skier Should Master: Things you should really know how to do.


Bet You Didn’t Know This About Snow: Fun facts about our favorite frozen liquid.
IKON and EPIC Aren’t The Only Games In Town. A Look At Magic Mountain: Don’t let the big multi-resort passes put blinders on where you ski. An exploration of an iconic small Vermont ski resort.
The Great Ski Pole Mystery: Why you need them and what they’re for.
The Divas Take On Tremblant: Diva East 2019: Notes from our eastern Ski Diva gathering.
Worldwide Ski Resort Consolidation Finally Complete: Vail and Alterra divide up the ski universe (yes, it’s an April Fool post, made one day early.)


I Get Around: 5 Resorts In 5 Days. A Mini Ski Safari: Join me as I ski around New England.
Sad About The End of Winter? It Could Be Seasonal Affective Disorder: If you’ve got the blues about the end of ski season, this could be why.
And Now, Time For A Little Time Off: Everyone needs some time off. Even me.


10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts For The Outdoor Mom: Things you can get Mom on her special day (or put on your list for yourself.)
A Cure For The End Of Ski Season Blues: Biking Through The Netherlands During Tulip Time: A trip report on a fabulous vacation.
Bathing Suit Season Is Coming: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Care: Women face enormous pressures to fit a certain body norm. Here’s why you should ignore it.


It’s Tee Time: Some great ski tee shirts for the summer.
Endless Winter: Indoor skiing, synthetic slopes, and simulators: How to feed your ski jones during the summer.
The Summer Solstice: What It Means To Skiers: The first day of summer means different things to different people. Here’s what it means to those who love winter.
Celebrating the Fourth, Ski Town Style: What’s going on in your favorite ski town during the holiday.


11 Ski Books To Get You Through The Summer: If you can’t ski, you might as well read about it.
Are You A Ski Nerd? Quiz #2: How much do you really know about skiing? Find out here.
A Look At The Gender Pay Gap In Sports (And That Includes Skiing): Hard to believe this is still going on.
You Have Questions, I Have Answers: Some of the things people have asked me over the past year.
Off Season Trips: Exploring North Conway, NH: This quintessential ski town has a lot going on during the summer.


Why Mountains Are Good For Us: Yes, they are. All. The. Time.
Core Talk: What you need to know about a strong core.
How To Become A Ski Bum: It can be done. Here’s how.
Ski Swaps ’19-’20: Deals for used gear are as close as your local swap. Here’s where they are this year.

Ski Diva August Pick: Core Talk.


The Ski Diva Is Now A Teenager: We turn 13! Some thoughts on a milestone.
A Chat with Joel Gratz: A talk about the coming season with the chief meteorologist at OpenSnow.com.
Getting Your Head In Shape For Ski Season: It’s not all about your body.
Women’s Ski Clinics ’19-’20: The list of where you can go.


A Chat With Filmmaker Colleen Gentleman: Producer of the ski comedy/mockumentary Dream Job.
Two Books  You Really Should Read: Presenting Snow and Marley; two great books for the winter.
Gear Review: Kulkea Talvi X Bootbag: This could be the boot bag for you. Spoiler: Two ski poles up.
Eleven Things You Can Do To Have The Best Ski Season Ever: Some great tips here.
How To Be Fearless: You can be braver than you think. Here’s how.


Nine Things You Need To Do To Get Ready For Your First Day Out
Backcountry Screwed Up. So Where Do We Go From Here? Why shopping local makes sense.
How Vail Is Working To Bring More Women Into The Ski Industry: What they’re doing on a corporate level to advance women in the company.
Ski Diva Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Great gifts for Ski Divas.
The High Life: Dealing With Altitude Sickness: How to recognize and deal with altitude sickness so it doesn’t ruin your ski trip.


You’re Stuck On A Chair Lift. Now What? What to expect in a lift evacuation.
A Chat with Poppy Gall: An interview with a true innovator in women’s outdoor apparel.
Gear Review: Glade Goggles: You don’t have to spend a fortune for some great goggles.
How To Survive Skiing During The Holidays: Yes, it can be done. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!


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