Apparently, all buyers are not created equal.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 11/14/06 •  2 min read

True stories from women over at

Man, I hope there are some ski retailers are reading this blog. Women skiers have a lot of purchasing power, and clearly we’ve had some bad treatment buying equipment. It’s time people in ski shops realized that they should make no assumptions regarding a woman skier’s abilities. Any decent sales person knows that it takes real engagement to make a sale. Asking questions, treating the buyer with respect without regard to gender, appearance, color, race, religion, etc. (you get the picture), and listening to the customer is key. Treating a customer the way reported here is more than just insulting; it’s also an easy way to lose a sale — not just from the woman who’s there, but from her friends and family, as well, now and in the future. All in all, not a good way to do business.


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