And now, new skis.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/22/07 •  2 min read

Once again, the end of season close outs got the better of me.

It’s not that I didn’t need new skis — I did. My old skis were four years old and the mileage was beginning to show. Also, I was bored and wanted something new. And when confronted with 50% off, what woman could resist?

So what’d I end up with?

Before I tell you, let me first explain my selection process. I take picking out skis seriously. Before I plunk down my hard earned cash, I want to make sure I get the ski that matches my ability and the conditions I ski in the most. So I do research. I talk to people at forums like to get opinions and first hand experiences. And I check out gear reviews at places like Then I demo, because there’s nothing like time on the snow to see if a ski works for you. No matter what anyone tells you about a ski, there’s no better way to see if you like it.

So, after doing all those things, what’d I end up with? Fischer Vision 73’s. A really fun ski. Snappy, happy, energetic, and not too heavy. I like a stiff ski, but I don’t like one that’ll weigh me down (I’m not very big or powerful, myself); this one fills the bill. It also holds a nice edge, a must in eastern hard pack.

With the season almost over here in the northeast, I probably won’t have the chance to ski on them too many more times. But when next season comes, I am so ready!


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