2021: A Ski Diva Year in Review

2021: A Ski Diva Year in Review

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 12/28/21 •  7 min read

The last week of December is a great time to review the past 12 months and reflect on where we’ve been. For me, that means looking at forty-one posts (yeah, I took a few weeks off) on TheSkiDiva blog — posts I’ve made not just during ski season, but during spring, summer, and fall, too. (I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years, and somehow, I just keep cranking ’em out.)

Looking back, it’s clear that it’s been an exceptionally challenging year. All the rules about capacity, masks, social distancing, and quarantining have been really tough on skiers. The blog reflects that. Still, it’s better than 2020, when 45% of my blog posts dealt with Covid. This year it’s dropped to 12%, so a big improvement. Nonetheless, with the advent of the Omicron variant, it looks like it’s something we’ll be talking about in 2022, too. How much remains to be seen.

In the meantime, let’s take a walk down Memory Lane and examine what’s made it from my keyboard to this space over the past year. Are there any posts you’ve missed? Any you’ve found particularly helpful or interesting? What’re your favorites? Any suggestions for topics I should cover? I’d love to know.

Here’s the list:


How’s the Weather? These sites will tell you. Who do the Ski Divas rely on for weather predictions? Here are some of the sources we use.
A Pandemic Check In: How’s the Season Going So Far?  A mid-season wrap up of what’s going on in the ski world, as we navigate the pandemic.
I Asked a Guy to Mask Up and All I Got Was a F@#% You. Masks vs unmasked in the lift line. It’s not pleasant.
Got Cold Feet? Here’s What To Do. Cold feet can ruin a good ski day. Here’s how to keep yours warm.

Ski Diva’s January Pick: A Pandemic Check In: How’s the Season Going So Far?


How To Get The Most Out of a Lesson. Input from TheSkiDiva community on what you can do to make your lessons count.
Advice for the Love Lorn Skier. Valentine’s Day advice for those who (mistakenly) turn to me for romantic help.
Peeing outside: Because When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go. What you need to know about female urination devices.
Learning From an Olympian. A Ski Diva takes a lesson from Olympian Barbara Ann Corchran.

Ski Diva’s February Pick: How To Get The Most Out of a Lesson



Why Are Lift Lines So Long This Year? A dive into the extraordinary lines we’re encountering this season.
Is It Okay to be Good and Not Great? Not all of us are cut out to be super expert skiers. The reality vs. the dream.
On Resort Closing Dates. How do ski resorts decide when to close for the season? We take a look.
How To Survive Spring Skiing. Spring skiing has its own challenges. Here’s how to make it work.
Vail Has Slashed The Price of its Epic Pass. So What Does This Mean? Pass prices are down 20%. So what affect will this have on skiers?

Ski Diva’s March Pick: Why Are Lift Lines So Long This Year?


Worldwide Ski Resort Consolidation Finally Complete. A little April Foolery.
The Best Shot for Skiing Next Year Starts With You. Covid vaccines are finally available. Why you should get yours.
Sad About The End of Winter? It Could Be Seasonal Affective Disorder. About 10% of people get depressed when winter ends. Are you one of those?
Mothers Day Gift for Outdoor Women. Here’s what to put on your list this year.
Putting ’em To Bed, or Getting Your Skis Ready for the Off Season. Take these steps to keep your skis in good condition.

Ski Diva’s April Pick: Worldwide Ski Resort Consolidation Finally Complete


Epic, Ikon, Mountain Collective, Indy: What’s New for ’21/’22. What you can expect from next season’s multi-resort passes.
Life Lessons. Reflections on life and skiing, on the passing of my Dad, Sid Harris.

Ski Diva’s May Pick: Life Lessons


Paid Parking is Coming to Mount Snow. And Yes, The Price is Too Damn High. Paid parking isn’t too common in the East, but Vail is starting it at Mount Snow. Here’s why this isn’t a great idea.
Gear Review: Arc’teryx Konseal FL2 Approach Shoes. I put these approach shoes to the test.
Should You Work Out in the Heat? How to exercise when it’s scorching out.

Ski Diva’s June Pick: Paid Parking is Coming to Mount Snow. And yes, the price is too damn high!


A Chat with Marie Baker of Nobody’s Princess: Snow Pants For Women, By Women. I chat with a female entrepreneur about a new venture.

Ski Diva’s August pick: A chat with Maria Baker of Nobody’s Princess: Snow Pants For Women, By Women.


Happy Birthday to TheSkiDiva! We’re 15! Reflections on the 15 anniversary of TheSkiDiva community.
And Just Like That, It’s Pre-Season. We’ve crossed into Fall and ski season is coming! The anticipation is high.
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is now Palisades Tahoe. Here’s Why It Matters. We explore why the name change makes sense.
Ski Swaps: ’21/’22. A list of upcoming ski swaps.
On Your Knees. Knee issues are more common with women than with men. We take a look at why that’s so.

Ski Diva’s September Pick: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is Now Palisades Tahoe. Here’s Why It Matters.


Women’s Ski Clinics: The List, ’21/’22. A list of upcoming women’s ski clinics for the new season.
What You Need To Know To Ski at a Resort This Season. Will things be different from or the same as last season? Here’s what we know.
On Fast Tracks and Spending Less for Skiing. Vail’s new Fast Tracks policy has angered a lot of people. Want to spend less? Here’s how.
Yes, I Have Something To Say. I’m interviewed by Ski Rex Media.

Ski Diva’s October Pick: On Fast Tracks and Spending Less for Skiing


A Chat with John Emery, CEO of Alpine-X: Can Indoor Skiing Make the Sport More Accessible to a Broader Range of People? Indoor skiing is coming to the US. Here’s my interview with the man who’s behind it.
How to Survive the White Ribbon of Death. How to handle early season skiing.
Ski Diva’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021. What to get the skiers in your life (or put on your own list).
Making a Difference, Ski Style. Worthy ski-related causes to contribute to this holiday season

Ski Diva’s November Pick: Making a Difference, Ski Style.


A Chat with Heather Hansman, Author of “Powder Days: Ski Bums, Ski Towns, and The Future of Chasing Snow. An interview with a writer whose book examines skiing’s past and explores its future.
How To Survive Skiing During the Holidays. Making skiing fun for you and your family during the busiest time of the year.

Ski Diva’s December Pick: A Chat With Heather Hansman, Author of Powder Days.