Why We Love Spring Skiing.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/29/16 •  3 min read

So it’s officially spring: the delicious dessert to the ski season entree. Many skiers think spring skiing is the best, and there are loads of reasons why:

1) The sun:  If you’re having trouble identifying that bright thing in the sky, it’s only because you haven’t seen it for a while. Spring means the sun is higher, the days are longer, and the temps are warmer. And though it’s great to ski on a bluebird day, it’s important to remember that the sun’s rays are stronger this time of year, especially when they reflect off the snow. So don’t forget the sunscreen!

2) Softer snow: Warm temps produce hero snow, the soft snow that makes everyone carve like a champ. If the temps are freezing overnight, you might want to wait a bit til it softens up. Trust me, though, it’s worth it.

Skiing in soft snow. Photo from Okemo Mountain Resort

Skiing in soft snow.
Photo from Okemo Mountain Resort


3) Softer bumps: I love bump skiing, but I hate it when the bumps are the rock hard ice bombs we usually have in the east. Now’s when the bumps get nice and soft, so they’re much easier to ski. If you feel the same, then spring is for you.

Soft, spring bumps are the best!

Soft, spring bumps are the best!


4) Lighter, less restrictive clothing: I get cold easily, so I tend to pack on the clothing during the winter.  Yeah, it keeps me warm, but sometimes I feel like an overstuffed sausage. In the spring, I can get away with a shell and a light layer. It’s a lot more comfortable and it makes moving much, much easier.


photo from Ski Utah


5) Smaller crowds: Strange but true: people tend to give up on skiing once the snow disappears from their own backyards. So take advantage of all the people who are staying home and enjoy emptier slopes and no lift lines.

6) Great deals: You know those skis you lusted after all winter? And the jacket you thought was just too expensive? Now’s the time to buy. Ski shops and retailers typically drop their prices in the spring to offload this year’s stuff before next year’s comes in. Season pass deals are usually cheaper in the spring, too, so get yours now.



7) It’s time to par-tay! Spring means tailgating in the parking lot, picnics on the ridge line, and pond skimming at the base. There are loads of spring festivals at ski areas everywhere, so don’t miss out!

Photo from ExploreSteamboat.com

Photo from ExploreSteamboat.com


Partying at A-Basin! Photo from FriscoLodge.com

Partying at A-Basin!
Photo from FriscoLodge.com

What do you love most about spring skiing?




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