Where have all the skiers gone?

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 05/20/07 •  1 min read

According to a recent report by the National Ski Areas Association, skier visits were down 6.9 percent from last season’s record-setting 58.9 million visits.

That’s not much a surprise here in the northeast, where a miserable early season got things off to an especially late start. Add in a miserable storm over MLK Weekend that essentially destroyed what little snow there was, and the decline is hard to offset, even with some terrific late season storms.

Poor conditions are a mixed blessing. They can help keep the crowds down, which is great for those of us who choose to ski. But they can also translate into bad financial statements for the resorts. And when the resorts suffer, so do we all.

Here’s hoping that things are better next year.


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