Vail Introduces “My Epic Ski Day,” Reimagining the Guest Experience at its Many Resorts

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 04/01/23 •  3 min read

Vail Resorts, which recently announced its My Epic Gear program, today introduced another program to enhance the guest experience: My Epic Ski Day.

My Epic Ski Day lets guests enjoy a day on the slopes without leaving the warmth and comfort of their own living rooms. Instead of battling traffic, hauling gear, and risking life and limb hurtling down a mountain, guests will be matched with a Vail-certified surrogate who’ll do it all for them — and more. “Imagine a ski day where you won’t have to fight for parking, stand in a lift line, or freeze on a chairlift,” said Vail CEO Kristin Lynch. “That’s what this program is all about. You tell us where and when you want your surrogate to ski, and we’ll guarantee they’ll be out there shredding the gnar without any discomfort or inconvenience to you.”

Surrogates will be capable of doing everything that a skier might ordinarily do during a day on the slopes, including eating a $20 burger in the lodge and participating in apres ski activities. Want to dance on the bar in your ski boots? Treat everyone to a beer? Your surrogate, armed with your ID and credit card, will happily do it for you. He’ll even ride the shuttle or catch an Uber back to your condo, freeing you up from those pesky DUI’s.

“We’re in the process of training an enormous army of surrogates,” Lynch said. “They’ll be available in all ages and skill levels, so there’ll be one for each member of your family. After all,” she continued, “Vail is all about creating family memories, and this is a great way to get everyone out on the slopes without all of the bickering and complaining that usually goes along with it.”

Want proof of your Epic Day? As part of the program, Vail will photoshop your image on your surrogate’s body as he tackles the toughest double blacks on the mountain, and text it to a list of your closest friends. “Think of how impressed they’ll be!” she said. “And you’ll never even have to take a lesson.” For an extra fee, Vail will post the images to your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

My Epic Ski Day will be offered exclusively to a limited number of Vail Resorts’ Epic Pass Holders throughout the 2023/24 season, and expand to the entire line-up of Vail Resorts in the 2024/2025 season. “We’re excited by this innovative program,” said Lynch. “It’s our way of bringing the slopes to our guests without them ever having to come to the slopes.”


(Editor’s Note: Please check your calendars)

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