I never claimed to be, as they say, the sharpest knife in the drawer. But there are some things that go on during skiing that I frankly don’t get. Get ready — this may sound cranky, but I have a cold today. So take that into consideration:

  • Skiing and Smoking: Okay, so you’re out in the fresh air doing an aerobic activity, and you still light up? I mean, I know it’s a habit. But skiing and smoking just don’t go together, in my book.
  • White ski outfits: A good way NOT to be seen. Which makes you a target for anyone else on the hill.
  • Not wearing a helmet: All the evidence is in. Helmets protect your head. Everyone should wear one — especially patrollers, ski instructors, and parents who force them on their kids.
  • People who go up to the top of the mountain, when they’ve never skied before. Would you fly a jet airplane without a lesson? Skiing takes some skill. It’s not just point down the mountain and go.
  • Parents who take their kids on trails they’re not ready for. Usually it’s because it’s a trail they want to ski. Then they go down ahead of them. What will they do if the kid falls? Hike back up?

I’ll stop now. Maybe I’ll be over my cold and less cranky next time.