The last day.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/30/07 •  1 min read

I think today might be my last ski day of the year. (sniff!)

Where did the season go?

All the same, it’s going out with a bang, for two reasons:

First, it’s my 50th ski day. Some people think it’s obsessive to count. Me, I see it as goal oriented. My goal this year was to reach 50 days, and now I have. I can think of worse things to keep track of.

And second, I get to ski with some of the great women from A few of us are meeting today at my local hill, and I can’t think of better company to have on my last few runs. This has been the forum’s first ski season, and I must say, it’s had a tremendous impact on my life. I’ve connected — and become friends with — some fantastic women skiers. And I’ve learned so much from the tremendous knowledge we’ve all been able to share. If you’ve never visited the site, be sure to stop by and register. It’s a blast. And we’ll still be going strong in the off season.


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