Speak your mind.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 07/26/06 •  1 min read

It could make a difference.

If you’re less than pleased with something at your favorite ski area, it might be worth your while to let them know. Could be the child care or the children’s program needs improving. Maybe the bathrooms or the dining area could be cleaner. Maybe you’d like to see them institute a women’s clinic.

All too often, women are encouraged to be “nice” and not rock the boat. But this can be perceived as acceptance of the status quo. So bad situations stay bad. And you remain dissatisfied.

I’m not encouraging you to be a pain in the neck. But it only makes sense to let management know when you’re unhappy (nicely, of course), and to offer any suggestions you might have for improvement. Skiing’s a business, and ski areas want to keep their customers happy.

Conversely, if they’re doing something you thnk is great, let them know about that, too. This way, they’ll be sure to keep it up. And that’s important, too.

You can find the appropriate person to contact at your ski area’s web site. Give them a call or drop them an email. I’m sure they’d welcome your feedback.

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