The money saving tips listed in my October 13 entry were a good start. So let’s continue: here are some more ways you can save money skiing. Anyone have any others?

  • Get a job at the ski resort of your choice: You’ll get paid and be able to ski for free. What could be better?
  • Buy ski gear at early season sales. Or get it used. This especially makes sense for kids who grow out of things in nothing flat.
  • Join a ski club. You can get great deals on lift tickets, as well as on trips to all sorts of terrific places. Some maintain houses in or near ski towns where you can stay for very little, too.
  • Look for lift ticket discounts at ski shops, fast food chains, and grocery stores. You’ll be amazed who has deals. Keep your eyes open. They’re everywhere.
  • Look for special offers at your favorite mountain. Some have discount days for state residents, ski clubs, women, college students, and so on. Check your mountain’s web site for details.