Shop talk.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 11/28/06 •  2 min read

If ski shops were on the ball, they’d realize the tremendous purchasing power that women skiers have — and they’d try to take advantage of it.

One smart retailer did just that. A friend in Michigan reports that her local ski shop, Brick Wheels in Traverse City, recently staged an evening event for women skiers called Wine, Women & Wax. The shop had more than fifteen representatives of the largest winter sports companies on hand to answer questions and show off their latest gear. There was food, entertainment, discounts, and door prizes. And to top it off, proceeds from a silent auction went to the city’s Women’s Resource Center.

This is a great idea on so many levels. It brings women into the shop in an environment in which they can feel comfortable and unintimidated; it’s fun; and it establishes good feelings for the shop, which can translate into repeat business down the road. According to Brick Wheels, the event attracted 350 women and raised more than $3,600 for the women’s center — a winning situation for everyone.

It’s good to see a retailer taking women skiers seriously. Kudos to Brick Wheels. I can’t help believe that other retailers are missing the boat on this one.


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