Sometimes you can’t. When it’s foggy, or when it’s snowing really hard, sometimes visibility can be less than ideal.

Needless to say, this isn’t safe or fun, and should be avoided at all costs.

So what do you do?

  • Wear goggles with a high contrast lens. Amber or orange lenses are best. These can make a big difference in what you see and in providing some definition to the trail.
  • Consider going in. If you’re not comfortable out there, go inside the lodge. There’s no shame in packing it in when conditions are bad. Hey, if it ain’t fun, why do it?
  • Stick to trails you’re comfortable with. Better yet, stick to trails you know. Not a good idea to try that double black when you can’t see what’s ahead.
  • Be aware of skiers around you. Give them some personal space. They’ll appreciate it.
  • Keep your speed under control. If you can’t see well, you really need to give yourself plenty of time to react to conditions around you. So slow down.
  • Stick to the edge of the trail. The trees will help provide some definition to the trail. At least you’ll be able to tell when it’s turning and when it’s headed straight ahead.

The best advice I have? Stay safe so you can ski another day!