No news is good news.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 08/26/11 •  2 min read

That’s my takeaway lesson from the past week.

For those of you who read my blog, you know I’ve been on a self-imposed news blackout. I did it to save myself. All the recent dismal news had left me feeling somewhat overwhelmed, even depressed — and this from someone who usually feels pretty upbeat. So I resolved to swear off news for an entire week. No Today Show, no MSNBC or CNN, no NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, no on line news sites.

I have to admit it was tough. I’d get in the car and not know exactly where to tune the car radio (mine is permanently fixed at NPR). Instead, I found myself listening to classical music or pop stuff I didn’t even know existed (I’m pretty out of touch).?And even though at ?times I thought I heard Brian Williams calling me (“Where were you last night, Wendy? I had a story just for you!”), I stayed strong. I’m glad I did.

How’d I make out? I think I feel a bit better. Now that my news fast has ended, I’ve learned that: 1) the world will still go on even if I don’t watch; 2) sometimes it’s better to tune it all out and give yourself a chance to breathe; and 3) moderation is key.

I think I can take these lessons and apply them to ski season, too. As obsessive as I’ve been about the news, I’m just as bad when it comes to ski reports and weather. All winter long I’m ?tracking storms and monitoring temps and wind chill. Maybe it’s better to let it go and just enjoy the day, whatever it is.

That said, here are some great sites for online ski news. Just remember, moderation: