Just because someone’s a Mom doesn’t mean they can’t be a Ski Diva, too. Believe me, I know it’s rough. The hard stuff always falls to the Mom. She’s usually the one responsible for making sure everyone has the hats, goggles, ski pants, boots, etc. they need on the slopes. Dressing and undressing the kids. Assembling the lunches. Hauling the equipment. Harboring a secret stash of tissues/sun block/chap stick/energy bars for that unavoidable emergency. Accommodating multiple bathroom breaks with all the dressing and undressing that go with ’em. Providing encouraging words after a fall. Driving to and from the ski slopes. Attending ski races. Wiping noses. Wiping tears. Administering first aid. Putting on and removing boots/jackets/gloves/helmets. Making sure nothing gets left behind. Arranging ski lessons. Making sure the kids wear helmets.

So this Mother’s Day, get the Mom/Ski Diva in your life something special. Here are a few things I think would make great gifts:

The Ski Diva Necklace

Let your mom show the world she’s a Ski Diva. Available in a choice of stones. I have one of these — okay, I have two; one in cubic zirconia stone and one in garnet, and they never fail to get noticed. Go here.

Ski Like A Girl T-Shirt

Beneath that sweet exterior, you know your mom’s a bad ass. Now everyone else can know it, too. Features TheSkiDiva.com logo on the back. Available here.

A massage or facial:
This winter I discovered the joys of a facial, and couldn’t believe it took me so long. It’s that wonderful. Don’t let her repeat my mistake. Skiing can be rough on skin, so get her a gift certificate to her favorite spa. She’ll love it.

Season pass for next year:
Birds gotta fly, Ski Moms gotta ski. Get her something she’ll thank you for all season long. Most resorts have special savings if you buy before a certain date. Well worth looking into.

A new camera:
Mom’s always love pictures of their kids. Give her a way to take her own with a new camera. I just got one myself — a Nikon Coolpix S8100 — and I’m really excited about it. This camera received terrific reviews in Consumer Reports and has a ton of special settings, along with HD video and burst shooting, so you can get great action shots on the slopes.

Ski Gear:
Always appreciated. See my reviews for the class of 2011/2012 here, or TheSkiDiva’s selections for our first-ever Best of the Year awards here.

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, so you better get moving. Don’t make me have to tell you again [Yes, I’m wagging my finger at you]!

Seriously, your Mom deserves it.

Happy Mother’s Day!